Patching Road Surfacing

Patching of the roadway has several advantages: first patching can be done quickly, and secondly, patching does not require huge financial costs, and third, patching can be done without large amount of specialized equipment. Patching is mobile road-building crews. Patching is one of a kind of maintenance. Patching done in the When it is impossible device surface layer. Typically, asphalt patching in Russia are beginning to perform more often in the spring, although it is exceptional and the need for such repairs. Now we consider patching technology. In the first stage is cut on site repair and coating material is removed, then is laying asphalt mix, all the ends align and seal laid surface.

There are several ways of cutting at patching: – planer by cold or hot milling – pneumatic hammer obrubochnym – floor saws. Planers Planers removed damaged coatings at relatively low cost, have a wide range of applications. Planer can remove all sorts of wear and tear zone coverage, potholes and other defects in blacktop. Immediately after passing traffic is allowed to lay asphalt milling mixture. Floor saws good and relatively inexpensive substitute for road milling floor saws are considered floor saws easy road equipment. Used mainly for road construction and patching.

Floor saws are divided into light (100 kg) and heavy (over 100kg). Heavy floor saws are mainly used for cutting large cement concrete thicknesses (over 150). Light chasers (50 to 100 kg) during the patching of roads. When processing the external borders of the card using a jackhammer is pitting them further operation, which greatly reduces the life of the pavement. When using a jackhammer floor saws used only for the destruction and seizure within the map coverage. Removing the coating In the absence of a milling machine permitted to remove the coating material by hand. Practice shows that many secondary uses asphalt shot. In such cases, the sizes of pieces should not exceed 100h100h100 mm asphalt paving mixtures Fresh concrete overlay mixture is placed into the prepared card. Laying the mixture at patching done by hand. Alignment and seal coating sealing the laid asphalt laid cover with patching performed Plate compactors are in class and light equipment used mainly in areas inaccessible to rollers: around wells, in the narrow aisles, in the immediate proximity to the walls of buildings, patching and sealing the alignment of small card cover (1 to 2 square meters). There are lightweight (100 kg) and heavy (over 100kg) thickeners. . Heavy compactors are generally used for sealing soil, gravel and sand roads podsypku. Lightweight – for sealing small areas of asphalt coatings and for patching. Patching – the most important part of the operation of the road!