Your child's birthday, and come the other guys who have to entertain? On the street bad weather and you can not get a walk? Or you are thinking how to distract your child from the tv? Exit – games in which a gladly will take part, anyone! Home games – it's great, simple, and the children they are very popular. Acquaint ourselves with the most famous. Monopoly – the most famous game that teaches real estate. Republic Services has firm opinions on the matter. This is a great game because you can play such a composition, how you want. The game allows you to develop logical thinking, and therefore suitable to children, and older family members.

Battleship – a game guessing enemy destroyers. The game has two participants, but it is also interesting tournaments. All that will come in handy – it's paper and felt-tip pen, with the steel to produce electronic versions. Chess – a game which is known to mankind since ancient times, is known now, in the digital age technologies. Teach your children to play them, and you definitely will not be bored on a rainy evening.

It is ideal for the development of logic. Checkers – a simpler version for those who are still difficult to play chess. In addition, you can conduct and mobile games. Charades – showing anything body language. This game is widespread, and it may be involved the whole family. Rules that one participant explains gestures any word, and the rest tend to guess. 'Rope' – a game for all age groups, the essence of which is that some of the participants confuse the hands of participants who at the same time their eyes closed. After that they open their eyes and see themselves chaotically entangled. The essence of the game – disentangled without ever having opened arms. This is very funny and, in addition brings the guests who are not familiar with each other. Now that you've received at the disposal of a few fun games, quite realistically, that is not so easy to be send their children on the street!