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And it means the loss of a potential customer. But still need to engage in advertising to ensure a constant flow of visitors to your site. What is the output? Automation. And in e-business is not a luxury but a necessity, of course, if you want to not only earn money but to relax, and have opportunity to enjoy the unearned. What, in this case can be automated and how? Most time-consuming two processes: the newsletter for more information about your offer (product) and order processing. First: People are asking questions to find out more about your offer. Automate this process will help you a clever answering machine.

You are 80% reduced the flow of such letters, if the organizing on your site subscribe to a small e-learning course, which will tell your guest all the benefits of your proposal, answer frequently asked questions, and do it gradually, giving information and dose pieces to your potential client has not received information of poisoning, and all is well assimilated and digested. Information, too, can be poisoned! Clever answering machine will deliver information to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you're sleeping or relaxing. It will apply to your customers by name, without any irritation over and over again explaining to them the benefits of your product. Work with a clever answering machine one pleasure. And most importantly, it is a force to anyone, even a novice who has just yesterday bought a computer. A total of 30 minutes and you are spared the long hours of daily vigils in front of your monitor. Letters with questions of course, will come to you. But there will be many times smaller.

In addition, you can always reduce their number, if you edit your e-course in accordance with the newly incoming questions. Now the second process – the processing of orders. I think many of you do this work with pleasure. And if it brings pleasure, why would automate? And if you order a lot? But there is another reason which, in my opinion, much more important than saving time You ever shopped online? Certainly, if you know the feeling of anxious waiting after the payment – "Well, when, when I send my purchase and suddenly is not sent? Cheat "I I know that for many of my friends, and for me the very instant delivery of purchased goods plays an important role in making purchasing decisions. So if you sell electronic goods, then I recommend you automate payment and delivery of purchases to the customer. Besides saving time, it also increases sales! Believe me! Now propose to automate virtually all electronic payment system, and completely free! And it's not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Typically, vendors offer detailed instruction service settings. If you are interested in my opinion, I recommend the service Roboxchange. It compares favorably with others in that it allows your customer to choose any convenient e-currency. So that automate and enjoy your free time! Good luck! See you on the network. Yevgeny Veselov

What Google Is Going After

When it was proclaimed that the Library contained all the books, the first reaction was one of extravagant happiness. All men were masters of an intact and secret treasure. There was no personal or world problem whose eloquent solution did not exist in some hexagon. The universe was justified, the universe suddenly usurped the unlimited dimensions of hope. Excerpt from the story “The Library of Babel” by Borges. Our World, that we look through the screens, is increasingly immaterial, but only in appearance. The library which opened its doors Borges fiction such that portentous spectacle before the incredulous eyes of the people, all of us immersed in the great little newborn brain is the Net’s prophecies are being fulfilled. The digital age has begun, there is nothing that can not be and is not in some way or another digitized.

The volume of content makes up a boundless landscape. The virtual mountain of words grows each second passes, and will soon rise exponentially as the Internet access is popular. We should rejoice. Not only for how individuals can share our own knowledge, impressions, feelings, creations … with the rest of the network members, also for the simple fact to dispose of what others give us. Only culture gives freedom, Unamuno said, and although the social context may have improved a lot since sung in a small part of the world, this idea remains the best hope for much of the planet. However, not all knowledge in this great virtual library, and not all knowledge content are at the same level, although at first glance there is a unique living space.

Information Today

I’m where I send, hoping that the blood shed by the people is not useless … “And later, in Cuba, wrote:” During the war, in which I was involved in a minute, I the opportunity to meet people very valuable, to be intimate with few, and I was very close to our Paul (of the Torriente Brau). I also shared with Miguel Hernandez, whose greatness of soul I can attest. His death has touched me and I see it as another tragedy of that war did so much havoc. ” After the war could cross the Pyrenees and reached the French capital in April 1939, Havana. From there, he collaborated with one of the most important journals of Spanish exile, Romance, in which they wrote, among other refugees, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Jose Bergamin, Rafael Alberti, Jorge Guillen, Leon Felipe, Luis Cernuda, Jose Moreno Villa, Emilio Prados, Manuel Altolaguirre and Maria Zambrano. Also Cubans worked in newspapers and Information Today magazine and the Ultra and Bohemia, the latter would become chief information officer. In 1940 he married the journalist and publicist Herminia Portal.

He taught French in the Normal School of La Habana. In 1955 he completed his studies in French at the School of Languages at the University of Havana. After the triumph of the Revolution of Fidel Castro, was exiled to the United States. In 1967 he was appointed professor of Latin American literature at the University of Syracuse in upstate New York. Since 1973 successive cerebral hemorrhage suffered left him paralyzed and unable to speak. Novas won the following awards: story Hernandez Cata (1942), National Literature Prize (1943) and journalism awards Enrique Jose Varona (1944) and Eduardo Varela Zequira (1948). Among his many works pointed out, the slave trade.

Fictionalized life of Pedro Fernandez de Trava White (1933), fundamental novel on the subject of slavery, the novella A experiment in Chinatown (1936), the play The elevations of the ring and storybooks A finger on (1942), Nona Moon and Other Stories (1942), I do not know who I am (1945), Cayo Canas ( 1946), Los yards (1946), the other fell (1959) and Ways to tell (1970). His tragic view of life in his work makes this such a state of tension and constant struggle. And like our writer said: “Sometimes we deceive ourselves not to see life as it is.” Francisco Arias Solis Our society, instead of enlightening its members, it seems that the opposite is pleased to have them brutalized and enslaved. (Phrase Salvochea Fermin glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea) of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.

Digital Film Comes to Town

The large digital film development today we can enjoy the advantage of processing digital photos which allows us to improve many aspects of traditional photography, where we can get better results in the image, play with the sizes of the photos and to accommodate our taste, which extends the possibilities of forming a photo album highlighting making images more than others, you can enjoy more space by putting small images in the remaining spaces so it takes even more photographic paper, which allows us have a good amount of photos without watering anything that can compile everything in one place. Despite what some people think you can make all the traditional development processes, the same paper, the same processes but with digital quality, allowing us to retain a touch of classic quality and excellent performance improvements offered to us digital development that allows us to modify the pictures freely available, which can generate more satisfaction when you have a photograph, feature that makes it more enjoyable, rewarding work with the digital development, its immense possibilities and tools that digital technology offers. Thus digital photography revealed the most useful tool is currently in the field of photography, and consistency is achieved as well as in traditional photography revealed, also has an excellent finish and have a bright layer increases and develop more striking aspect of photography. In addition, the digital development is much faster, not too long time, almost instantly, can make the developing digital photos, it’s much more convenient transport to any place for that reveal, either in the same camera – since Most cameras today have a great memory for storing information, in a storage device such as USB, mp4 player, CD, among other items, even if you want to not have to have anything, can be stored in your inbox simply mail or sent to any company with which to link, choose the quality and size of the photos and then mailed to your home or anywhere you want, making it much easier to share your photos family, also if you want you send photos to a family from your e-mail and it can perform the digital development from the place he wants, making it easier distribution and performance for digital. It is also much safer to have your digital photos to avoid being lost, since, as mentioned above can be stored in many places and the digital development is fast and allows you to have your photos at any time. The above features make the digital development is imposed today as the best tool to always have those memories that we like and has all the good traditional photos but with many more advantages.

Supreme Council

His candidate amount growing points and this is reflected in more serious surveys. If all goes as expected, will be the clear winner of the contest. Finally the big day arrives and you come out to vote early and meet the obligations entrusted to the campaign: transportation, point data, monitoring tables, in order. The atmosphere is good and, at the end of counting, the trends are confirmed: their candidate wins in a comprehensive and categorical. You celebrated modestly but can not hide his joy. He hugs his best friend and tells Agana, I knew we would win! But his friend, with a moderate joy and realism to the surface says, Todavia no! And then tells you something that looks terrible. Winning elections is that they have completed not help much, because it elects the rector and in these institutions the system is different and unique: voters choose a slate and the Board of Governors she can choose who you want in their actual knowledge. A few days after nine members of the Supreme Council met behind closed doors, his back to everyone and pick a candidate other than the winner, but that his fortune, was also on the shortlist.

You break the last poster had, gives him the shirts to the neighborhood and recycler vows not believe anymore in elections or anything else like it. This is not a story or fiction. It is the unpopular and discredited system of appointing lead in some Colombian universities, including the University of La Guajira. And to think that there are those who defend this procedure perverse. Defend it because it is a form of access charges even against the will of the masses. Poor things, because they begin to govern the people have a thousand ways to say no one likes them. And they are isolated as a tyrant who used fear and reject conviction. Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned Colombian journalist and scholar whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines in several countries. Recently he was awarded the Internet in modaidad. It is often invited to seminars and conferences in various cities.

The New Ways To Get Incoming Links

One of the more traditional techniques in terms of trying to get improvements in the search of incoming links. The incoming links are simply links to other pages that lead to our own. The concept is as follows. No man is an island, and to survive in this world need others, because we are essentially social beings. With internet message is the same. The fuel that feeds them, the factor that determines the difference between surviving and perishing buried under millions of sites are precisely the incoming links. When the crawlers of search engines, ie robots that are responsible for reading the sites for inclusion in the search, they run into a link when that page indexed, search engines follow it, and well indexed that site you linked.

Therefore, the incoming links are a guarantee that the crawlers will see us and notice our existence. In the early stages of SEO-Search Engine Optimization, the discipline that is responsible for improving the site to facilitate a good positioning in search engines, the search for incoming links was done mainly through a technique known as link exchange. To this end, the webmaster of the site A was committed to put a link to the site B, if the webmaster of the site B did the same with a link to the site A. Like all practices, they soon fell into abuses, leading to what is known as link farms. That is, sites without real content, whose sole purpose was precisely accommodate these links to facilitate the indexing of certain sites. This practice is considered "Black hat". Black Hat techniques are unethical techniques which are penalized by Google and other search engines.

When Google finds a site that appeals to these illegal techniques, the site is removed from the directory, and no longer appears in Google results. Gradually, those responsible for the sites started to become more selective with the incoming links. So, we started to look for incoming links from quality sites, and once again began to include links on the site, but only to other pages contextually with ours. Thus, if my site is responsible for selling sports shoes, a link to another site that manufactures athletic footwear is allowed, but if you include links to sites not related, can be considered Black Hat, and penalized accordingly. Contextually related links are considered positive for the site, and added value for visitors. The other technique to get incoming links is through viralizacion articles. For this it is necessary to have quality material: notes, postings, articles. The same should be promoted, is uploaded to different sites, and offered as a contribution. By making our items are uploaded to other sites, preferably related to our niche of business-serve two purposes: to build brand presence, that is becoming known for our potential customers, and ultimately achieve more quality incoming links. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can do without problems, provided when acknowledged as the source

Make MOney Online

The Internet has become the most attractive and economical way of promoting products and services. Do not waste time and take advantage now that the Hispanic market has become a new economic force in a market with few competitors. Believe in You! The road to success begins with a positive attitude. The first and most important step is to believe and trust yourself that anything is possible. Visualize what you want to meet, study, prepare a plan and work to achieve it.

Dreams do come true when you start to believe it can achieve and work to live them. Forming A simple blog tool to market a product and service is creating a "blog" (blog). The blog name is based on the travel books that were used on ships to report the development of travel. Although the name has become popular in recent years because of its use in different areas, or log workbook has been used ever since. Now a blog or weblog is a regularly updated website chronologically collects information in any format (text, audio or video), aimed at a niche market you selected. The information is saved chronologically from most recent to oldest. The blog owner is free to leave published what he sees fit. Typically, in each article in a blog, readers can write their comments and the author to respond to them so it is possible to establish a dialogue. However, to state that this is an option that depends on the decision made

Innovation And Creativity

Innovation and creativity is the key factor in all organizations with open systems thinking in which ideas abound with a momentous difference, the human material of the company is constantly involved contribute their creativity and innovation by a sense of belonging as a result of taking into account the growth of the organization is reflected in their lives for this reason the manager’s job is critical to creating scenarios that encourage and promote innovation and creativity must also publish and disseminate the results and changes that were obtained by strategies which arise to implement innovative ideas, however staff should create incentives to encourage competition between workers and I think the most important thing is that the human component of the organization always has to think and challenge themselves periodically to the employee’s mind is active static and floating in the world of everyday life and people would get the participation that for these reasons is that organizations are those that are successful in this competitive world so the main thing is to raise awareness among managers of such a fundamental role to play to encourage systemic thinking of the company and also is responsible for disseminating the organizational culture within the organization with a clear objective to generate ideal service to meet customer requirements to be flexible in the range of features that the company can unemployed in a work of architectural design and computer graphics and 3D images and animations to create our works are a true reflection of our evolution by which every day will produce images permanently higher quality to create optimal 3D image definition, one of the specific objectives is to create links with other companies for assistance in computer graphics for a fixed period the benefits will be in the company that hires this service will decrease in price all 3d creations and some additional for Diffusion of 3d projects.

Online Dating Tips

When it comes to finding a new romantic partner, things have changed. In the past, relationships were largely developed through chance meetings, arranged by friends, or the friendships that blossomed into something more. Now, many men and women rely on the Internet when it comes to finding a romantic partner. Are you interested in becoming one of those guys? If so, there are some important things you should know first like to say or romantic poems. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that internet dating is not considered a hundred percent sure. Although it is important to note that there is any kind of conventional appointment.

The person you are in the local bar can be as weird or as dangerous as someone he met online, but still advised to take some precautions. These measures may include but not be limited, to give limited personal information and agree to meet in a public place, not at home. Realizing the importance of these and other precautionary measures, you should have fun using the internet to find a date. When it comes to finding a date online or a romantic partner, there are many people who go to dating sites online. The web sites are online dating websites that allow you to meet other Internet users. Not only can you view pictures online of these people, but to learn more about them by reading their profiles and make contact. Depending on the website of online dating that you are using, you should also be able to use other services and features, which should be offered.

the surrounding

Playing Music, In terms of music playback are two main formats, those used by the iphones and MP3 for everyone else. In my personal opinion, I prefer MP3 files for compatibility posed to be the industry standard format, although there are format converters, you lose some sound quality and lots of time when significant amounts of information. It is important to analyze whether the team has playing options as appropriate to our needs are: EQ, playlists, sorting by folders, audio books, as well as fidelity audio. Taking photos: This point is simple, the more mega pixels a camera has, the better its definition except in the case of digital cameras that use interpolation. A pixel is the smallest unit in which decomposes an image (one point), a mega pixel equals one million pixels, therefore the number of pixels in an image, is related to the quality and level of distortion in mind when making an enlargement (pixelation), so if someone is going to enlarge an image to print a poster or publish a magazine, you will need to take pictures with a megapixel camera over someone who is going to print photos picture frame size, or that will send email, but for a camera with digital interpolation (such as low-cost cell phone with many mega pixels and a small lens) they do is simulate a more great to actually take, by a computer program that fills the empty pixels (holes in the image) with the colors that are appropriate to the surrounding pixels, thus making a picture, enlarges and fills in the blanks to make it look like an image of higher resolution (more mega pixels), the results are generally good, but not as a real-resolution camera.