Novice Page Builder

Before building a house, talk about the upcoming construction Ctranichka novice builder. On the construction site do not come empty. Carry broken bricks, broken concrete, pieces of reinforcement, the old bed, the elements of window units , Wire, etc. etc. . It is not superfluous to know where the nearest landfill to periodically visit the library. Find out where the nearest gravel pit, or simply where the closer you can get a gift: sand, gravel, boulders, rubble stone, clay. On the fence ( temporary) will wane, old railway sleepers.

Area should be fenced with a fence. Through it will go lower, which means less to steal. Establishments is a good tool, the first time at the site did not leave, vozi with him. Later equipped for his stash, or build a sturdy barn where you will live for a period of construction. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. Power tools for a long time vozi with him. Well, what can we build a house? Consider a home for his constituents with the cap.

Ground floor, so there I need it? Would not it build to a significant rise in the cost structure? And what is the real benefit from its construction? Let's try to answer these questions. The high cost of building materials stimulates development projects rational, I think that the ground floor is one of the elements thereof. Itself cap is present in every home in the form of a foundation. Cost of labor and material resources is a significant Part of the project. Used as a rule is not rational (for the house and all). In this usage cap in the house – cold floors, difficulties monitoring the underground space is not excluded, and high humidity. In addition to the completion of the continuing need to build additional facilities close to home, such as a garage, summer kitchen, barn. (All of which increased costs for heating these plants during the cold season). If the cap was up by only 1-1.5m you can get a whole extra floor. It is assumed he will be buried only in the 1-1.3 m, which will allow all the rooms have natural lighting. You can do it as a garage – and without it. (On request). Partitions on the ground floor lead to shorter joist spans, and therefore simplify the technology of building floors, and most importantly will be received extra-95m area! If the attic has turned into an attic floor, you can get out of the ordinary three-story house area-250m