Mediterranean Park

Camping marketed by happy family camping cooperation on June 15, 1959, the first tourists came to Cala Llevado. A year before the grandparents, Francisco and Rosa decided to put the trust in your grandson Fidel Aromir. The 23-year-old convinced to convert the Llorell estate with his sympathy and enterprising in a new operation. He proposed to change the cultivation of carob trees and strawberries into a “holiday camp”. The first and only performance of the company was in a beautiful location on the Costa Brava, close to a small fishing village with medieval city walls.

Camping Cala Llevado could begin the adventure. The beginning was difficult. Years of uncertainty and simplicity which the infrastructure, laws and regulations. Years with much human and financial efforts rewarded by the dream grow operation with their own eyes to see. Years with simple infrastructure where tourists appreciate the exotic nature of the landscape and the Mediterranean culture. Were the Germans, English and Dutch haufgsten guests at the start of camping Cala Llevado. Their currencies, the Belgians, the French and the Italians, allowed a growth of facilities, improving the infrastructure and increasing modernization of buildings and services.

The team of employees up to 85 persons grew with the years. Through the acquisition of adjacent land, the campsite by 9 hectares grew up in the 1970s up to the present 17 hectares. The laws were strengthened in the 1980s, as a result of the proclamation of tourist arrangements. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. Camping Cala Llevado was legally recognized by the Generalitat de Cataluna as campsite of first category, with a capacity of maximum 650 spaces. Once set the rules, the operation could apply also the appropriate permits for the municipality to develop and modernize. Important financial investments were realized during the 80’s and 90’s. There were 4 modern sanitary buildings, supermarket, reception, bar, restaurant, Administration and information Office and a small Mediterranean Park. Today Cala Llevado committed purposeful for quality, what concerns the facilities and the services rendered. The square with the certificate of ISO 14001, the EMAS for Umweltorientiertes action, the Garantia de quality Ambiental of the Generalitat de Cataluna and the diploma with Merit Turistic is excellent. For many years, Cala Llevado opts the marketing competence of the family-friendly cooperation of happy family camping, who takes care of the marketing of the tourist resort on the German market. More information about Cala Llevadaund other family-friendly camping resorts there are: HAPPY FAMiLY camping – Willi-run-Allee 17 – 50858 Koln Tel.: 0 221 500 55 343 fax: 0 221 500 55 344 happy family camping is the family-friendly cooperation in Europe with 20 affiliated partners. No question: all kids love the closeness to nature and want lots of room to play. You want to experience adventure and also once really play, with many playmates. And because this is so, there is the happy family camping cooperation. We get together for family-friendly holiday. Our idea is quite simple: If the kids are completely happy, the parents can enjoy double their vacation days. Our resorts are located in the most beautiful areas in Europe and are very comfortable (for example with restaurants, bars and swimming pools), very casual (no dress code and set meal times) and varied (E.g. with tennis, golf, surfing, horseback riding and much more). A special guarantee of family and family assessment useful when looking for the right vacation destination for family holidays.