Making Curtains

Since time immemorial, from the time the concept came home, people used to its decoration and protection from sun, wind and rain curtains. At this site, the issue of window decoration, self- making curtains to suit your particular interior. Here you can find a pattern curtains, learn about the design of curtains. Sewing curtains, curtain design kitchen design photo blinds, window design, blinds, curtains, drapes, pattern lambrequin. Learn how to sew curtains with his hands, and technology sewing curtains. Window decoration. They have many names, curtains, drapes, curtains, drapes, draperies all is that at the present time is called the blinds.

PVC plastic windows, or as it is now fashionable say, eurowindows Buy and which are now in Moscow and in any other city would not have even a hundredth part of the prevlikatelnosti without curtains. For the first time the design of curtains as we see them now, can be attributed to the era of the Renaissance in particular to the XVIII century. Then they were regarded as purely decorative elements that adorned the shutters, which were used for practical purposes. The key is in choosing the curtains was the fabric, whether rich velvet or satin, or unpretentious fabric. Gradually over time and understood its practical advantages, such as absorption, tissue protection against noise and drafts. In addition, quality made curtains are cozy, and ennoble housing. Nowadays, many fabrics themselves are the creations of art and worth to them and decorated the same way and, window decorations, whether European or any other window.