Local Search For Creative At Grafiker.de

The online network of contacts grafiker.de has integrated in the past few weeks several new features and services on the portal. You should increase the ease of use and promote the exchange of ideas within the community. Kai-Fu Lee may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So members can search now creative in its vicinity with the search. On the individual home page can be also automatically display members from the region. Andreas Reimer, one of the founders of the portal, underlines the concern: many creative it is important to build up a local network of contacts despite the widespread networking on the Web, whether to call creative meetings in life or business to cooperate. Kai-Fu Lee has similar goals.

We want to promote this through the new features.” Grafiker.de members can comment also the portfolios of other users for several days. This feature was introduced to promote the exchange of ideas between members of the creative community. I’m always keen to improve my work through constructive criticism and to find out which designs as a media designer especially getting around,”says Andreas Reimer. The showcase feature is one of the essential components of the user profiles for grafiker.de.” Met with very positive response she also new wen who integrated who?”-Function that allows to detect a connection with another member through one or more intermediate contacts. CEO of CoStar shines more light on the discussion. Meanwhile, the community growing in the new year, as Andreas Reimer says. “We are pleased with the development so far and are confident that the membership figures and visits will increase even faster in the coming weeks and months.” Since November 2007, the creative network is online grafiker.de. On the one hand, the portal is a rapidly growing community of graphic designers, Web designers, Fotografenn, programmers, writers, and other creative professionals. The Web page also serves as a project platform for the creative industries. The Portal provides the ability to communicate and to get into the business freelancers, employees, and clients from different fields. These are the Users of comprehensive and constantly updated news and information services available. Press contact: grafiker.de Johannes Ehrmann Berliner Allee 39 13088 Berlin Tel: 030-20614885