Internet Reality

The men of today: so next and so distant, therefore what we see are on individuals the Internet, forgetting itself of the family. In addition the technology in the sample a reality without nature and finally in them places front to an immense comodismo. Aualmente the continuous and monotonous reality that the Internet provides, makes with that each time more people if forget the family, bigger link in the life of any being. This naked and raw evidence if hides behind the easiness, the parents finds incredible to give a cellular one of finishes generation to the children, forgetting itself many times it essential affection that if it must have. The technology in itself places all in a parallel world between the reality and the fiction, is pertos of the screens high resolution distanciando itself thus of the nature that already is scarce and asks for aid diaramente. It is alone to look at for the side that if can perceive that the technologist grows and the world empobrece.

However the biggest conflict that the man stops with the digitalizado world is the generalized comodismo that if it installs as an immense and inevitable virus, was easy to communicate itself however this communication backwards invisible consequencias, more felt will have been observed. In the dawn of years 80, children if amused with simple toys, today have fun in more modern computers each time. She will be that this will intervene with the future of these children? At last, the technology is there growing firm fort and in sped up rhythm, leaving it stops backwards youth, the planet and who is not fit to this reality. The shining net of lies that more shows to each time the hard truth: when being successful the technology wins the comodismo parallel.