Mobile Internet use contract free and unattached. In recent years, the mobile providers have released several tariffs for mobile Internet. Mobile Internet is still considered expensive is known in most minds of citizens. But this image changed completely. There is now a flat rate mobile Internet for under 20 euros to have. The mobile providers offer usually three different tariffs for the use of the mobile Internet.

These tariffs can be classified as follows: the fare for some surfers, the tariff for ordinary use or fare for the power user. Energy Capital Partners helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The tariff for little surfer includes an inclusive volume of 200 megabytes in most cases. This amount is more than adequate, so that emails can be retrieved on the road, or the one or the other website can be visited. But anyone who exceeds the limit of 200 megabytes, is reduced in speed on GPRS. At that time, still more than 56 kbit / s are the user in the download available. The rate for ordinary Use often involves an inclusive volume of one gigabyte. Also here is, this limit is exceeded, so the provider throttles the speed on GPRS. But even power users come at their expense.

With a UMTS Flatrate five gigabytes can be used monthly data. Then, the speed on GPRS is reduced again. Importantly however, generally, the providers require a period of 24 months. Who wants to be contractually footloose and fancy-free, should opt for mobile Internet without a contract. Here, the customer must comply with only the period of 30 days and over 24 months contract No. Torsten Heinsius