IBC Process

In the province of Oxapampa, presents new scenarios and opportunities, social, environmental and political in recent years, case of the advancement of the process of consolidation of the recognition of the biosphere reserve, which has entered its final phase, and this has generated greater expectation of the province’s population, in that same context has been developed the process of updating and formulation of the plan of concerted development Provincial that will be implemented from the year 2010as a roadmap of upcoming policies and actions, within the framework of the provincial development, where they are immersed, Government provincial, local, public and private institutions NGOs and organized civil society. Within the context, has been developing the research process of project of extractive industries in the province of Oxapampa, facing new mining projects and hydrocarbon, is in initial processes and others in second phase of study and exploitation, case of the batch (107) in the area, low the province comprising the districts Palcazu and Puerto Bermudez, and the batch (133) located in the area of Pozuzo and 131 in the Sira communal reserve zone, lot 108 located in the headwaters of the rivers Nazarategui and Azupizu, both in the jurisdiction of Puerto Bermudez. The study of mining projects and hydrocarbon phase, is has made quietly in the past three years, where local authorities, institutions and organized civil society have had low participation in the process; and this is reflected in the early studies analyzed. To do this the project has had an intermediate incidence to address jointly, on projects that are in progress, case special of the mining project, located in the jurisdiction of Pozuzo, where have joined efforts in the review of the environmental impact study. This presentation is the activities developed in the described sceneries, as initial phase of the implementation of the research, and system of monitoring of extractive industries in the province of Oxapampa. The IBC team Pro-pachitea, has participated in the review and improvement of the contents of the plan, in the issues related to water resources, fish, land management, biological research, extractive industries, and to achieved articulating the plan at the reserve biosphere, and within the strategic objectives, has also identified the need to promote environmental policies related to the recognition of committees for monitoring and implementation system of environmental monitoring in the province and as projectsfor its implementation joint monitoring systems in local environmental management plan and other projects for strengthening of the operational capacity of the municipalities municipal environmental Commission, likewise has incorporated new policies related to the promotion of environmental plans, for obtaining the certification of the efficient eco municipalities. Original author and source of the article