Google Earth

Applications for cell phones will help give you better use our teams, especially when they presented so many capabilities, as in the case of the iPhone, whose models have multiple functions. Since giving the weather forecast, surf the Internet, play music, to interactive games for desestresarte in your leisure time, the iPhone apps are improving increasingly. An example of this is the G700 v 3.0.2, a software that allows you to give you the features of a modern digital camera to your computer, achieving a better image editing. Other features of this software are the applications that brings, how to insert the geographical location, the time and day to images recorded through a label Mapview, which you can see in Google Maps or Google Earth. Among other important features for the camera is having autofocus 3GS, Soft Flash, high-resolution, fast capture of images, digital 8 x zoom, timer for photos, anti-freeze function tremor, among others in addition, the software allows you to quickly share your photos with your friends via the social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, among others, thereby facilitating the download and image editing, since you can do it from your same iPhone. It also has other accessories such as thumbnail images in vista and digital picture frames. You can develop presentations with images, type slides. Another feature is being able to change skins or masks for the presentation of the software, and the standby mode to prevent a waste battery, because to be an iPhone, it is essential to the use of the screen and it can make your energy consumption is high. You can get this software through the iTunes website and it has a cost of US $2.90; before you buy a digital camera, you can decide by this software to get more out of your expensive iPhone and give you the functions of a camera for a little money. Via teams-of-audio-and-video.