Fantasy Network

Thematic fantasy social network. Introduction I think everyone got used to the fact that Russia has already formed the notion of a social network and it is entirely due to the popular Russian-language resources such as contact or Classmates. But do not forget about the specifics of these networks. They are not thematic, not typed and try to meet the needs of all users at once. But this is impossible, since all people are different and each has their hobbies. Even groups sometimes do not save, because you want to see on your page such as a list of their favorite Persians, or to communicate on specific topics that are of interest to everyone, not chasing status. In this case, come to help thematic networks. They are not as extensive as public, but almost all those involved in them, will fall to your liking and they may start a lot of singles on their interests.

Today I will explain about the very new social network, which, as I hope, will and to your liking. Indeed, in each of us lives a dreamer! On bread Fantasy Network – this is the first Russian-language social network dedicated to all lovers of fantasy, science fiction, role-playing games, books, historical costumes, dancing and anything that might be interested in this case experienced user. If you ever wanted to find an interesting book you have not read, play or just to chat, click here 'll find it all in full. So what can you find here? Due to the fact that the resource is very young, it is always a need for new thematic groups, and if you're a guru to some of the areas that you have a chance realize their potential formation of a group. On this site you can easily find people to Forum Games or just like-minded people for meetings and events.

The system provides the following features: Create gruppNeobychny thematic profile for social networking. Since this is a thematic network, do not be surprised that your page will be fields such as race or class) and a lot of video series, which regularly obnovlyayutsya.Vozmozhnost communicate with people who support your uvlecheniya.Delites photos and vpechatleniyami.Bystrye statusyRegulyarno updated applications while the network is in beta testing and will soon , the network will have a lot of extras and features: The game forum with a unique automated gaming mehanikoySpetsialny set of tools for masterSpisok characters will be displayed in the profile of Social setiVozmozhnost gain ratings as players and masteramDetalizovanny new gaming world, which now can be explored on the site proektIgry in real time around with the new UCI miruIntegratsiya Who Blame? And the culprit of all this is a project Elengir, which combines all the best from the world of desktop entertainment, books, and it just brings people together. It's so easy to be closer to each other. Welcome to our new portal! The first fantasy social network: