Exercises For Butt Muscles

Want to have a nice butt? It's easy. Follow our advice. The fact that the muscles of the buttocks and in the daily lives of almost no work, rest – do not count. Therefore, without proper care – read, exercise, they quickly become flabby and unattractive. Before you proceed directly to the activity, here are some tips for best practice: – Always, before starting to move, first tense muscles abdomen, legs, pelvis and buttocks. Zendesk may not feel the same.

So you keep your healthy joints and muscles to work harder. – Taz – parallel to the floor. Watch for a stable central position of the pelvis. Do not lift one side above another. Taz always remains on one line. – Raise and lower the pelvis or legs slowly. Make smooth transitions, as if the exercise has no beginning and no end.

– Breathe correctly. Straining, exhale, relax, breathe. So you get enough oxygen to the working rhythm of your breath and find your optimal pace. Exercise for buttocks: 1. To lie on its side, lean on his elbow, hand supports the head. Second hand (the one that was on top) put on the floor in front of him so that his elbow was pinned to the floor. It will protect you from possible injury of the lumbosacral spine. Bend your knees and hips at right angles, keep your back straight. Save this body position and hand during exercise. Not allot of foot opening his knee working legs, straining with the buttocks. Make sure that the plane back in the lumbosacral perpendicular floor plane. In other words, the pelvis must be stationary, it works only knee. Perform 40 times with one leg and 40 times with the other leg, turning to the other side. 2. Why: working muscles of the buttocks and thighs. This exercise is often referred to as "Walking on the buttocks, and it is considered one of the most useful for priests How to do: sit down on the floor, legs stretched forward, his hands in front of him. Without moving your feet, "crawl", lifting and pushing it right thigh, then left. Do Exercise back and forth. If hard to do this exercise on the floor – Sit on the mat, although it is likely that you will "crawl" along with him. By the way: even an ordinary walking up the stairs will give muscles of the buttocks and legs particularly the flexibility and improve your endurance. If you are short of breath, walk two steps. Spin in this line, knees relaxed, your feet gently rolling. 3. Lie on your back and legs lean against the wall. Tighten your buttock muscles and try to raise the hips and thighs from the floor, never taking while back. Initially, you'll likely it will not under force, but gradually increasing the number of climbs to 10-12 during one exercise. 4. Lie on stomach, forehead to put on crossed hands, chin approaches your chest. Straight leg slightly diluted in hand. Bend your knees at 90 degrees, connect the foot. Slowly lift bent leg up 10 – 15 times. Throughout this exercise Knees are not connected and do not touch the floor.