Download Speed

Basically the speed test is to measure and calculate the time interval required by our connection to proceed to complete downloading a particular file. Download and Upload the more relevant measurement of the speed test sits in the download. Normally the user of internet, acts 90% of their time applying contents to the network. In this process the information travels network up to his house, process which in English is known as Download. This is so the ADSL lines for example, contemplate a flow rate of climb to internet, upload in English, almost 3 or 4 times below the capacity of descarga.ofertas ADSL. Is for this reason that the upload speed, 99% of the tests not be ve depleted, since it does not usually be conditioned by a great activity of users who have to compensate. Does it serve any test? Not any speed test will give the user real insight into the performance of your line.

Is not that we retendamos from ADSL Net monopolize speed analysis, nor much less, but then, by What do we say this? The main reason is, that if we run from Spain, an analysis of speed, since a server Australian, or Chinese, chances to make performance that shows us, undermined by the large number of servers, by those who have to jump to go getting packages from the download that will be measured. This does not mean that we have to find a server from which we can obtain a calculation, which is that we really want to see. It is not that. It’s get a server that is capable of saturating our line, to check its maximum capacidad.noticias ADSL. A leading source for info: Zendesk. Servers that are at large distances, have many jumps, English hops, generated like any jump, some latency..