Disquera Music Shop

The question of the title is a game of words between an author (Skay Bellinson) and its new disc (Where you go), whose answer we are going to try to look for in this note. The disc counts on the participation of Rocambole with regard to its presentation, which is magnificent. Previously also they had participated in discs soloist of the guitarist and in some of his remembered Patricio band King and his Redonditos de Ricota. A sand clock that can be used and an art manual to cover to the disc, is and so they will be before hope than it is to introduce it in some reproducer and to listen to the proposal. The fourth disc of the guitarist is very interesting a musical proposal. Music stands out widely, especially the exquisite chords del that today is one of the best guitarists of the country (for some the best one, although is something subjective).

Taking the material we listened ” The Moon in Fez” , a subject with a letter of little extension but very good music, which includes like invited instruments a bagpipe (Sebastin Fentanes) and the Orchestra Moroccan of Pampas. For Track 2 the guitar of the also singing one can already be emphasized clearly, throughout all the subject doing to delight the ears of the listeners. ” Free in my cabeza” , it is the first phrase and that it identifies what the letter of Migratory Birds looks for. In the middle of the disc, a melancholic subject like ” Behind schedule of lluvia” low decibeles and abre the door for a rollover of subjects that as far as the musical comedy to recall it to one towards subjects of the Round ones. ” The trip of Mary” , ” Far from casa” and ” Ground chaman” , they are those that but are assimilated to others of the old band of the guitarist. For the end ” The wall of red lacre” , it is a subject that starts like a hearing aid and that arriving at the 2 minutes and average explodes of music with chords and an explosive battery.

For the end, as it could not be of another way ” Applause in cosmos” , a song to count what ” we are humanidad”. The disc finished, and now Where Skay goes? Good it is clear that the guitar of Bellinson is comparable with few of the national atmosphere, and in this disc arrives at superlative levels. Musically it is a very good disc, only grasped by its voice that does not accompany the great level by its band. The letters also stand out by their little extension, reason why the now singing one does not have to use its voice too much and can aim at that their music is the main thing of the disc. Surely with this work it secures but following contentments that sad. Perhaps it generates the call jump that deserves a musician of its style. The presentation in public (although some subjects already they have been touched in others shows) will be tomorrow and Saturday in Rosary in Willie Dixn. The entrances are sold Disquera Zibal (Palermo) and Disquera Music Shop (Rosary).