Digital Risk

1. INTRODUCTION clearly, any person, in any age can have access to the net, since that she possesss one login and password, after this, will deliberately have all and any material of diverse content the disposal, and who can control this? Legislative committee Mixing of Inqurito (CPMI), that it investigates the Sexual Exploration of Children and Adolescents in Brazil, when receiving dossiers I contend denunciations of pedofilia in the Internet and a document with 70 a thousand signatures requesting the approval of a law that it makes possible to the censorship of sites that divulge material related to the pedofilia, created a project of Law, PL 4851/05, that it foresees the equal punishment for who keeps photographs or videos of pedofilia, exactly that does not share the material. This project of law (PL 4851/05), tries to modify article 241 of the Statute of the Child and of Adolescente (ECA), therefore, for the law, who will be catches carrying this type of material in its personal computer cannot be imprisoned, if the commerce or to repass of the same, however the integrant ones will not be proven of CPMI affirm: ' ' If it has who produces such materials is because a demand exists ' ' , therefore, to take off the freedom of the user of carrying the material is a form of extirpar this market. It is clearly that nor all practicing of this act she is necessarily a murderous psychopath or in potential, but the act to keep images of this nature, beyond violating all the Laws of the Rights of the Child, still can evolve to the desire of violence against its lives. The Brazilian legislation foresees punishment of 02 the 06 years and fines to who offers the material, but nothing it happens with who is I catch ' ' apenas' ' carrying this material for proper use, logically, this stimulates infanto-youthful the sexual exploration and must be changed.