Digital Personnel File

Cumbersome paper files have come from more and more served the personnel files in the form of paper more and more companies and instead introduce the digital personnel file. But all the advantages of digital personal files involves compliance with various regulations by the employer. Generally, the personnel file regardless whether in paper or electronic form includes all documents and operations that affect the personal and professional relationship of the employee and thus are closely related with the employment relationship. As part of the personnel file, including the CV of the employee, whose testimonies, contract of employment, and information include health and pension insurance, as well as all other documents produced in the course of employment. All documents and particulars of the personnel file must be correct and genuine as well as structured and comprehensible.

Regardless of whether it is in the personnel file to the paper form or also to the electronic version, the employer has some Obligations and the workers on the other hand, certain rights. Here, the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) are the one the works Constitution Act (BetrVG) and on the other hand, in the case of digital personnel files to comply with. So, the workers, for example, according to the works Constitution Act has the right to inspect in his personnel file. The details of the personnel file may still to explain to the workers. In addition, the employee is still entitled to make notes or even photocopies and to include even a member of the Works Council. These different ways are used that no incorrect or invalid information to the workers collect and manage. All data and information in the personnel file have to correspond to the accuracy and to show an objective picture of the person as well as of the activities and the services of the employee. If not the case should be, the employee is entitled to correction and rectification or but also distance do not apply to content from the own personnel file.