Diesel Power System Mazda 626 85-91 Years Of Manufacture

Diesel Power System MAZDA 626 85-91 years of release in this article we will look at a diesel power system, the work of the injection system, as well as removal and installation of fuel filter on MAZDA 626 85-91 years of release in our scheme installed a diesel power system based on the fuel injection pump VE BOSH company but made in Japan. With all the repair work on injection system – no matter to what extent – it is necessary to observe the strictest purity, Therefore, we must especially observe the following: All work on the installation of injection should be performed in a clean environment. Operation in air must be carried out only in windless days to avoid getting dust All connections to coupling nuts before unscrewing wipe with a rag. All Removable parts spread out on a clean bench or other such place and cover with paper or foil. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Michael Dell. But no use wet cloths cover. All open or partially disassembled parts injection system should be properly covered or stored in a closed box, if the repairs will be carried out later. Before installing all the details test for perfect purity, If the unit is open, you can not use compressed air to blow any engine parts car, if possible, not moving, if withdrawn details the installation of injection * Monitor topics. to diesel fuel but it could get to the radiator hoses. If this happens, they need to immediately clean contaminated with diesel fuel and thus damaged tubes should always be replaced.