All interested parties around the area of the “digital signage” are welcome to the Stuttgart-based company of mCon solutions on March 26, 2009, at 9:30 a business breakfast titled digital signage views and impressions invites. In addition to short pulse presentations around the subject of digital presentation possibilities is above all the Exchange and the opportunity to make new contacts in the foreground. Source: Samsung. Our in-house event aims to show the participants the many uses and to give ideas and suggestions along the way to make a lasting impression”, emphasizes Jurgen Monch, the Managing Director of the company. Moving images are eye-catching and increase the success, to convey the appropriate message of the desired target group.” Various speakers from the field of media technology and marketing offer marketing recipes and a look outside the box. Interesting case studies will be Mr Elsner, Contentspezialist present at mCon solutions.