Construction Flooring Apartment

Construction of floors in residential apartments. When the topic dealt with repairing the floor, usually raises two questions about how and what to do and what better tie to lay on the floor. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources. When the choice is made on what will be laying the floor Knauf and laminate there is another question, how long or how much you can do half full or in part on the rooms in the apartment. So, strap Knauf can do as a whole throughout the apartment and in part on the rooms. The average room of 15 to 22 m2 done for one – two days in view of the dismantling of the old floor, delivery of material, lifting and mounting flanges with a laminate. From this you can calculate how much time will be given the floor in your apartment. On the floor of the tie Knauf can be placed on a variety of floor coverings such as laminate, parquet, floor tiles, carpeting and keramogranit.linoleum. Laying laminate or parquet board to put under the floor substrate thickness of 2-3 mm.Eto made for additional sound insulation floor.

Before laying linoleum and carpet to all seams proshpaklevat special putty that in the future, these sutures were not visible shrinkage Material polov.Pod parquet floor and an array, you need to make an extra layer of plywood which is glued and screwed and secured your wooden floor pokrytie.Teply floor has also been successfully placed on a dry coupler. It is better to use floor heating coils. If you live in the capital, on this site to repair the floor you can order services for installation, plus ties Knauf laying laminate flooring. Website designer, it did the repairman floor and on it you will find a lot of materials on resettlement floor in your apartment.