Computer Centers

Essen fire safety service EBS informed scarcely an IT – or high-tech companies would survive without its own data center. Particularly effective fire protection measures are necessary to protect these survival equipment, reported on their basics of Essen’s fire protection service EBS. In modern data centers, high-performance server systems are tightly close, produce enormous amounts of heat and need hundreds of kilometres of cable lines. Technical systems such as emergency generators and back-up servers are necessary to ensure their efficiency and reliability, which complement the data center to further possible sources of fire. A first point in the fire of a data center is its air-conditioning system. It is absolutely necessary to dissipate the generated heat to keep the server ready for use and to avoid the emergence of fire-hazardous temperatures. However, the massive use of air conditioning systems has an undesirable side effect on conventional smoke detector: the strong air turbulence leads to the dilution of smoke during fires.

Smoke detector hit so often too slowly. In addition, data centers are so sensitive and valuable that fires to prevent as far as possible before even smoke. For this reason, here called fire early ester ID systems are used. Their employees LED based sensors detect gas aerosols, resulting in the firing process, before a fire breaks out. Coupled with an efficient warning system the most fire events can be prevented so, before she damage. In addition to the use of effective early warning systems, structural conditions must be created that prevent spreading of fire.

To ensure a maximum fire protection also fire-resistant materials used in data centers, where it is not expressly provided by the legislator. In the case of fire, this must be brought as soon as possible and with minimum damage under control. Water-based extinguishing systems divorced from the outset for use in data centers from. Here, mostly gas extinguishing systems are used. While inert gases such as argon and nitrogen displace oxygen in the air and destroy the basis of the fire, chemical gases air temperature lower so far and fast that fire can go out and ignite again. Should a fire break out in a data center under no circumstance, you can reduce the oxygen content of the air in the room below the level required for inflammatory processes. This approach is far too expensive for regular data centers. The development and implementation of fire protection concepts for highly sensitive data centers requires highest expertise and experience. The experts of the Essen fire service EBS successfully engage in this area for many years and are at the disposal for further information.