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The new generation of flatbed scanners the high demand of the WideTEK 25 since the launch at CeBIT 2008 has placed the need for up to 25 x 17.7 inches in different markets and applications in Hanover after a rapid high resolution flatbed scanner for formats. Due to its compact size and built-in walk-up scanning software scanner is the ideal solution for reprographics and copy – clipping services, as well as for universities, libraries and engineering offices. The large format flatbed scanner WideTEK 25, the completely newly-developed successor to the successful WideTEK A2, offers an optical resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi and large-format documents in brilliant quality with 300 dpi scans in 3 seconds. All optical components are housed in a double-sealed camera box. High scanning speed, Dustproof camera technology with two CCD systems, long-lasting LED lighting with a service life of 50,000 hours and few wearing parts ensure a high efficiency of the unit. The operation is intuitive and network-wide via a Web browser or as a standalone solution. The user needs no external PC, but uses the scanner via the integrated touch-screen display. With a monitor connected directly to the scanner, the user can track late changes of the scanning parameters such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, etc.

on the screen. After the quality control on the screen, the scans are sent directly from the scanner to a specific destination on the network, such as target directory, network printers, FTP-server, USB-stick, or by E-Mail. The new model offers all the benefits and functionality of WideTEK large format scanners and is offered at a very special price of 7.999 euros. Image access: Image access is leading manufacturer of large format scanner technology for professional applications. With award-winning developments, the company is among the technological leaders and employs worldwide more than 60 people, most of them at the Wuppertal headquarters.