A Logo Is Just The Beginning

Corporate design and CI needs middle-class experts most people very careful, how they affect others and certain stylistic apply here, correspond to their type, or convey certain values, such as trust or integrity. You don’t trust someone who behaves differently than his appearance suggests. Is that different companies? “No,” says Manfred Beck, CEO of the DESEO GmbH. Companies get into trouble when their vision and their values are not consistently supported by a consistent CI. Therefore, a lot of money for CI is issued at large companies. Banks inspire confidence with impressive buildings as headquarters, automotive manufacturers use certain techniques to transport innovation and quality. This has often nothing to do with reality, but with the cognitive perception of people who combine just certain values with some visual impressions.

But many small and medium-sized companies now have the importance consistent CI recognized. Once again, many companies must define but first for the exact goals and values are what, who transport them with its CI and want to live. DESEO, Agency for design, is right here. The Agency has over 15 years of experience in the CI consulting and the stringent design of all means of communication, which themselves companies such as logos, website, social media, advertising, brochures, operating magazines. It is essential that solutions of the rod usually does not lead to success”, says Manfred Beck. By DESEO, we want to know the customers first and understand. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out isearch.

His vision, his values, products, distribution channels, Herausforderungen…etc. Only then we can develop concept a successful CI”. The DESEO GmbH is important to embed creativity on the solid ground of a strategically perfectly well-thought-out concept. Not any creative solution is right, but just the one, which fits exactly to the company, the target and the customers. More information and press contact: DESEO GmbH Agency for design unit 1: corporate design and communication unit 2: light and lighting outdoor street 90 D-80469 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89-189 39 69-0 kompetenzen.html press contact: N. Freitmeier,