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> Paper from paper – award for the environment of Cologne: now customers of the online – printer DruckDiscount24.de can order your letterhead, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards and much more also on 100% recycled – paper printed. The new cyclus offset features recognizable paper 100% recycled, you can and is awarded the EU flower and the blue environmental Angel. “The daily requests from customers who want to have produced your print on recycled – paper can reach us. We are excited about the environmental awareness of our customers and would help specifically they become effectively involved – for our environment for the protection of our environment affects us all!”so Heiko Mazur, Managing Director of book and offset printing house houses KG in Cologne. The low-cost Internet – printing DruckDiscount24.de is the online – sale channel of printing houses KG. To actively support the customers in its commitment to environmental protection, the online – printing DruckDiscount24.de has their paper product range enlarged and now 100% recycled – paper offers online. Customers who order your business cards, flyers, folders, and letterhead in the Internet on DruckDiscount24.de in the future, can choose from now the recycled – paper.

To the usual cheap DruckDiscount24.de – prices online – print shop offers its customers the opportunity to contribute to environmental protection with every print job. Energy Capital Partners wanted to know more. Cyclus offset is the name of the new paper, which consists of 100% recycled 100% recycling. Cyclus offset paper and offset printing house houses KG opted deliberately a paper, which is not only to 100% from recycled materials, but in addition is awarded the blue environmental Angel and the EU flower. These two environmental awards mark cyclus offset 100% recycled – paper as environmentally-friendly product, which meets the strict criteria of the EU flower and the blue environmental Angel to the protection of the environment. Customers of Internet – printing company that would like to order the new recycled – paper, for this see the loading point option “Paper type” now available in the online – print shop DruckDiscount24.de.

Help For Unikatismus Patients

Canvasco establishes private clinic of RainbowClinics in Chur Hamburg, 23 June 2009 all know this problem: you goes to dinner in a restaurant, a bar or at a party and is looking forward to a pleasant evening. Hardly it is there, you can discover someone, who wears the same rock or the same handbag as yourself. How to respond? Anger, despair, panic escape? Imagine now that feeling in thousand exaggeration: some people react to things that are there several times, with much worse symptoms than just bad mood. Some people cannot bear it with the best will, that it things twice or several times are. You suffer from the morbid desire for uniqueness. “This disease has a name: Unikatismus”.

Canvasco, a manufacturer of bags unique, feels connected to these people. To give to Unikatisten the proper attention, they have established in the RainbowClinics a private clinic in Chur, the Unikatisten handles. Prof. Anders, Chief of the clinic, explains, for more information. By the way: For Unikatisten the Unikatistenmodus is highly recommended, which is similar to any page of the other and each one has an own design. Alternatively you can order is a unique bag of canvasco on the page easily. (A valuable related resource: Energy Capital Partners). The bags are made of used sail material, and so each of them is unique so as done for Unikatisten. More unique items on. Contact for the press: service plan fire PR Eva Sophie Kaazi mountain Harvestehuder route 43 and 45 20149 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 20 22 88-86 20 fax: + 49 40 20 22 88 86 11 E-Mail:

Internet Web

Introduction one of the extensions of the data mining consists in applying their techniques to documents and Web services, what is called Web Mining (web mining). Used for the study of several essential aspects of a site and helps to discover trends and relationships in the behaviour of users who serve as tracks for, for example, improve the usability of a site. All those who visit a site on the Internet leave fingerprints (addresses IP, browser, cookie sheets, etc.) that servers automatically stored in a log of accesses (log). Web Mining Tools analyze and process these logs to produce meaningful information, for example, how is a client navigation before you make a purchase online. Since Internet content consist of various types of data, such as text, image, video, metadata or nonlineal, recent research use the term multimedia data mining (mining of multimedia data) as an instance of the web mining to treat such data. Total access by domain, schedules more frequent accesses and visits per day, among other data, they are registered by statistical tools that complement the entire process of analysis of the web mining. In short we can say that the entire process consists of the integration of information obtained through traditional methods of data mining with information gathered on the web, i.e. data mining applied to the specificities of the web. Types of web texts (Web Mining) Mining Web Mining helps us to discover information, find related documents, show themes, determine the degree of satisfaction of web resources, etc. According to the desired end, the activity of digging on the web is broken down into three domains of knowledge according to the nature of the data extraction: Web content (web content mining) mining Web usage mining (web usage mining) El Web Mining for Web Mining structure content, attempts to discover the Organization of links of all hyperlinks within the document to generate a report structural on the page and the website. If you would like to know more about Energy Capital Partners, then click here.

Web Benchmark

The meeting place for people who give free rein to their desire for brands, fashion and consumption will benefit from the referral portal friendsshopping.eu that fast-growing recommendation Portal is friendsshopping.eu more and more retailers and brands. More and more friends members, use the portal on the Web Benchmark 2.0 new to take the purchase offers available there for. Numerous renowned retailers and distinctive brands have discovered the virtual shopping street for themselves as a partner shop, and that not only providers that do not own online-shop, but many who are already on the own website sale and use friendsshopping.eu as the perfect complement of own distribution channels. Chat gpt has much to offer in this field. Two of the many benefits for retailers and brands presented on friendsshopping.eu as friends partners: the friends members are informed in regular newsletters about all the friends partner offers, so that the offers reach the target group to one hundred percent. Under most conditions Energy Capital Partners would agree. In addition, the members of the friends are through the various portals of friends deeply networked and become emotional sales multipliers with the disclosure of individual recommendations, hints and tips. Also, the friends partners in the target group are always present: name and logo on the highly frequented friends portals, with the video coverage in the busy library, in the online magazine of lifestyle friends-tipps.eu recommendation portal, the Google-map navigation to the site or the stores, the digital V-card as well as other advertising options and presentation possibilities. friendsshopping.EU is the ideal platform for specialized distributors and distinctive brands. Here, contact friends partners in direct contact with the active and kaufbereiten friends members and present themselves without spreading loss on a single high-quality level. And that abuse is not an issue with friendsshopping.eu, saying: everything is subject to the data protection law, Sentry over its strict adherence to an external data protection officer. With each other and Friends are for each other! Friends GmbH

Labor Code Employment

During the hearing, both parties supported their positions in full. If for compensation for the use of personal vehicles for business purposes, or rather their deviation from no problems (the plaintiff relied only on verbal agreements with the director and on their personal relationships), then part of the calculation and payment of wages were found very amusing facts. The employer submitted to the court timesheets employee, the employment contract, orders, statements of earnings. According to an employment contract the employee was installed eight-hour working day in the five-day workweek. Timesheet time tracking the same contained information that the employee has worked five (!) hours per day in the five-day workweek.

Since, under Article 57 of the Labor Code of wages – remuneration for work which the employer must pay the employee for work performed under an employment contract, depending on its complexity, quantity, quality, working conditions and qualifications of the employee taking into account the actual time worked, as well as for periods included in working time, it turned out that employer regularly pays the employee wages at the rate of 25 working hours per week, not 40, as provided for the employment contract. The court immediately puzzled by the employer question, what is the basis content of timesheets, prilagaevshegosa to the employment contract? The more the employee claimed that he worked for all eight hours, sometimes longer. Launched into a lengthy employer explaining that the employee by virtue of their duties under the employment contract and had to move the objects by monitoring the implementation of works on these objects. But taking advantage of the freedom of movement and personal relationship with the director of the company employee openly ignored their duties under the contract, often not appearing on the work at all. Since, as we have noted, personal relationship with an employee director were very close, then fire it in compliance with the cessation of the employment contract was "is awkward," he's set and five hours time sheet by mutual oral agreement. Indirectly evidence of the existence of such an agreement the employer believed that employee for all time (three years), never expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of wages.

However, no documents (more agreements with the employee on the establishment of working time, registers the arrival-departure employee orders) confirm the validity of his arguments to show the employer could not. The outcome of the trial was that the employer offered the employee a settlement agreement to pay unpaid on drudovomu contract wages. Learn more at this site: Energy Capital Partners. Of course, the payout was set much smaller than the claim, but to pay all still had. So, what we see on the facts of the employment relationship? The employer failed to think through and organize the system of internal control over the actions of their employees and the proper order of attendance. Do not think that this is important. The standard position – "Why do we need this? We've all is well! "- Not an employer has in the courtroom. Once again appeal to the employers: in your best interest to the essence of the relationship with workers was documented. Must be very scrupulous and careful attitude to the issues of timely and most comprehensive presentation of such documents.

LurDocument PDF Compressor

LurTech, a leading provider of production software and PDF/A and OCR solutions, presented at the DMS EXPO (Hall 7, stand B 51) equal to two novelties. Berlin, July 12, 2011. DocYard 2.0 is at the heart of it. The new release of the comprehensive platform for managing workflows addressing first and foremost a service. According to Code.org, who has experience with these questions. You can implement a tailor-made production environment more effectively with DocYard 2.0 for their individual document processing. The new version includes among others a stringent separation of client, SLA reporting, multi-level user and rights management, as well as a new quality assurance client, with the results of a processing pass can be checked and corrected. The second novelty is the LurDocument PDF Compressor 6.0.

The production-ready solution for the compression, conversion to PDF/A, character recognition (OCR), classification and form data extraction support the new standard part of PDF/A-2 with the current version. DocYard is the seamless integration of all automatic and manual Processes, regardless of whether digital steps or the tracking of paper-based processes. It integrates and optimizes the existing infrastructure, which can then be used as a holistic system. Already existing investments in systems and components are protected and are enhanced by the introduction of DocYard. Clients are treated with DocYard 2.0 strictly separated, when it comes to managing their data or the assigning of jobs or employees. In addition, DocYard 2.0 has an advanced user and rights administration exactly defines, who do what in the system.

This includes, for example, the rights to the creation of clients, workflows, and jobs, the start, pause and stop jobs or viewing of performance data. With DocYard distinguishes between groups and individual users and client-specific and general rights. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting another essential feature is the so-called SLA reporting in DocYard 2.0. With this get Scandienstleister precise information about whether SLAs are met. Progress bars and color-coding clearly represent how far the individual jobs or batches are in their processing.