Public Relations

PR can and must never be an end in itself. Publicity must always focus on the overall objectives of the Association. It is basically: first of all, the objectives must be clearly defined. Until then, you can decide whether and which measures can support the achievement of these objectives in the area of Public Relations. A comparative picture of antiquity illustrates this principle. The Commander, Hannibal had quite sure isn’t in mind, to do something with elephants. Rather, his goal was to March to Rome.

Only after this goal was set, he decided to lead his famous battle elephants over the Alps to achieve this goal. “We should organise. again a parliamentary evening” why and for what? “because we have had no more long and PR moderately must do anything”is not the correct dialog in the Communications Department of an association so very sure. Of course, a professional, serious and continuous public relations requires the use of resources in terms of time, manpower and also financial resources. Alone for this reason each responsible manager of the Association will present himself the question, as the use of these resources is to justify and explain. What is the added value of Public Relations for the Federation as a whole and for each individual Member? Added value of Public Relations for the Association and members consider we exemplary three objectives of modern societies: perceived as innovative service providers to be, which offers a real added value to its members and makes them satisfied with its services. Keyword member satisfaction. New members to win to take a position that allows you to influence decisions in public and in the private room. What can public work in Provide tracking these objectives? Contribute to serious, open and where appropriate also self-critical communication can increase member satisfaction. This applies to the Association internal as well as for external communication.

Upward Cork

You need 24 matchboxes, a cardboard tube and a little padding. It is good, If you have about nine Cork, a wrapping paper roll. In addition the following Office equipment in use will be: scissors, pencil, glue, tape, pencil, ruler. Instructions and now it can go. 25 pieces (10 x 5.5 cm) should be cut out of the wrapping paper. Take a box and smeared it with glue.

Then, a piece of paper to be wrapped around. An edge is over, you must glue also him. Now know the first step in making the children very well and do the same thing with the other twenty-three boxes. In the next step the children will need adult assistance eight corks into thin slices cut (approximately twelve to fourteen slices per a Cork). Now you can attach four wheels on each box. So twenty-two boxes have been so slowly take shape.

For the engine, you must use the cardboard tube, she will be halved. Then 5.5 cm should be cut off from the half roll. Now it bends the edges inward, approximately 0.5 cm are there then. Paper wrapping around the last piece to the cardboard. The part is now coming to a matchbox. The last Matchbox must be pushed from one side, however, but rather a bit pull the charging, otherwise she may still adhere. The children like to attach wheels, it must be three piece from each side. Upward Cork, as well as some cotton comes even a smaller and a bigger piece. This should represent the smoke. The joy of children at this craft will be tremendous if they see how the locomotive is transformed into their hands and slowly takes the final form. Now the next step – the locomotive and the cars to connect occurs. It works very well, if a long band, however, is stuck from the bottom. But so much space must remain between the cars, you can pull the load yet. Now comes the math for little handymen in question. Now the numbers from one to twenty-four on the cars and the locomotive must be written. This is the purest pleasure, the children will be as much trouble. Also populating the advent calendar with smaller treats is very nice on the craft. Recently Viacom sought to clarify these questions. The craft brings much joy to children.

Adrian Haque

The MEDUSA4 design by Gilbert was just right,”so Adrian Haque, who plays along with Dave Silhanek Lead Guitar. Strong, flexible construction Gilbert was excited, won his MEDUSA4 personal model. And what won? “The first pre-production CD, of course signed and a fabric camel!” grins Gilbert. Also, I’ve won a couple of good friends. I met the whole band and was present at the big gig for the release of the first CD. Now the band is working on their second album, with a long list of already scheduled gigs.” Since the first draft, Gilbert the flexible 3D-tool in MEDUSA4 personal used on cylindrical shapes of the logos to create or to project it on different surfaces, like for example on balls. To integrate them for example in Alpine or lunar landscapes, he then brings the graphics in a photo editing program. So, fascinating illustrations are created for the public work of the band.

“The logo is visually very impressive and helped us big with our objective,” says Adrian. “It is a strong symbol of Sahara, and we look forward already, to cooperate in the design of our next album with Gilbert.” MEDUSA4 personal Drawings now commercially use MEDUSA4 personal, the free version of the professional 2D/3D-CAD-Softwarepakets MEDUSA4 ADVANCED, is used worldwide by tens of thousands of users. The software is intended solely for private use and structures are provided with an appropriate watermark. In response to the huge demand has CAD schroer group recently set up an online portal, DXF or PDF files can create what users from their MEDUSA4 constructions for a small fee, which will then be freely usable for commercial purposes. Download the free MEDUSA4 personal 2D/3D software here: M4Personal/r/pr0910_sr eServices portal to the MEDUSA4 personal for DXF/PDF conversion: & ref = more about Sahara pr0910_sr rain: on Sahara Sahara rain rain is a mixture of modern and classic rock with Oriental influences.