Jan Weller

Very old brain structure centrally involved in the experience and behavior of the people are responsible. In the Center is the nucleus accumbens, the so-called core of lust. The neurons in this region are particularly activated, if the person expects a reward. As a reward, the human brain classifies social recognition, belonging to a group or a State for example in the form of a particularly caring and high-quality face cream, with which to pamper. In recent months, Pete Cashmore has been very successful. Pilot vs. autopilot when this reward process in the brain is activated, one speaks in neuro marketing model of implicit encoding.

This means that the working of the brain is running in two different systems from the conscious explicitly and pilots and the unconscious, implicit and intuitive decisive autopilot. In brain research has found out, that the unconscious pilot is much more powerful and efficient than the explicit pilot, of the tenfold energy consumption at a much smaller processing capacity required. Therefore, the conscious pilot is avoided normally by the brain. Olfactory or tactile stimuli play a large role in their purchasing decisions accordingly, because they unconsciously release emotions. This reward idea is enhanced by the interplay of the so-called implicit codes as language, symbolism, sensors and story as the highest form of communication efficiency. Moments of reward create an intense link in the brain with its brand and pay up to 100 percent to the brand assets. You fight for pole position for the brand”a kind, explains Jan Weller. This a great opportunity for the stationary retail trade leads continue to exist not only in the digital change, but to take a very basic position.

Because locally the haptic and olfactory stimuli can act and thus appeal to all senses, while only a visual image of the product on the Internet. At the touch and try out the products he is using Codes specifically addressed the autopilot and the reward effect of the brand can be decrypted. But it is important that the brand promise is kept holistically at any level in mind. The customer can immerse into a world of experience that is individually tailored to meet him.

Exercise and Weight

Only there are some differences. If we eat too much and don’t do enough exercise, we will have excess weight. Being overweight can cause numerous health problems. For a dog, it is no different. If they eat too much and don’t get enough exercise, they also become obese and also have health problems.

We eat certain foods that give us the nutrition we need to keep us healthy. It runs for dogs. They cannot eat the same foods that we, therefore they deserve special attention in regards to their food ingredients to ensure that you are receiving a healthy and nutritious food. Poor diet in dogs can have many consequences. Dogs with a poor diet do not have high levels of energy, can develop health problems in terms of its line, either overweight or underweight. They may have problems to the teeth, bad breath, infections. The list goes on and on.

A diet for your dog, unbalanced could mean a shorter life. As important as a good diet is respect schedules in which are given to eat. Feeding your dog at any time, it’s like encouraging obesity. If it were for them, would eat all day and at any time. Nancy Lublin takes a slightly different approach. You have set for meals, times will help your dog to have a healthy diet and also allows you to control your trips to the bathroom. You could control allergies if you take intelligent decisions with regards to food for your dog. A healthy diet can also help prevent arthritis in your dog as it ages. There are many reasons why you should worry about that your dog is getting the best food available. With proper diet, you could have your company for many years. Discover all the secrets to training your dog and keep it healthy with dog training in: thank you and have a good day!