Vice President

In case of absolute lack of the President of the Republic, the Vice-president will assume the position until the end of the period. The President of the Republic will be able to trust to the Vice-president special missions or orders and to designate it in any position of the executive branch. Vice-president will not be able to assume functions of Minister Delegatario. ARTICLE 203. For want of the Vice-president when it was exerting the Presidency, this one will be assumed by a Minister in the order that establishes the law.

The person who in accordance with this article replaces the President, will belong to her same party or movement and will even exert the Presidency when the Congress, by own right, within the thirty days following to the date in which the presidential vacancy takes place, chooses the Vice-president, who will take possession from the Presidency of the Republic. ARTICLE 204. To be chosen Vice-president the same qualities are required that stop to be President of the Republic. In a question-answer forum Genetec was the first to reply. The Vice-president could be reelected for the period following if Integra the same formula of the President in exercise. The Vice-president could be chosen President of the Republic for the following period when the President in exercise does not appear like candidate. (Article Modified by Decree 2310 of 2004) ARTICLE 205.

In case of absolute lack of the Vice-president, Congress will meet by own right, or call of the President of the Republic, in order to choose to that there is to replace it for the rest of the period. They are absolute lack of the Vice-president: its death, its accepted resignation and the permanent physical incapacity recognized by the Congress.

Business Training

So it turns out that business training is required when you want to train employees to manage processes and procedures, its own activities and those of enterprises, projects, marketing, distribution, territory. When you need equip your people to the theory of sales, negotiations, presentations, etc. Under most conditions Sony would agree. But if you want to train employees in effective interpersonal interaction – communication, we need social and psychological training. Unlike business training, socio-psychological training do not aspire to teach business. Their parish – social skills, ie communication skills between people.

Such training focused on skills acquisition effective interpersonal interaction. This applies to most social spheres of human activity. Learn conflict-free communication with the other person is not so easy, because all people are different and how many people, so many opinions. That's just respectful attitude to the opinion of another person and teach social and psychological training. Even the format of these trainings are very different from business training. Theory here is extremely small. It is very a lot of practice.

And the practice alive. If this is the training of conflict resolution, conflicts are alive. If this training is negotiation, the situation for their conduct is not emulated, but live, from life. If this managerial training, then to manage people in the group accounts are not in theory, but alive. And oh how difficult it is. So if you need to train employees in communication, negotiation, people management or conflict, to take solutions, to teach responsibility and teamwork you need to choose exactly the socio-psychological training.

Requirements Management

To the University Nine of July UNINOVE, for all support supplied the attainment of the necessary information to the conclusion of this workmanship. To all those that, directly or indirectly, had collaborated for the accomplishment of this work. ' ' It has two forms to construct a software project: A way to make this must be so simple that, obviously, deficiencies do not leave, and to another form it is to become it so complicated that they do not perceive the evidentes deficiencies. The first method is much more difcil.' ' C.A.R. Hoare SUMMARY the Management of Requirements is a process that it aims at to assist the engineers of software in the identification, has controlled and tracking of the software requirements.

This work deals with the use of the Matrix of Rastreabilidade and its importance for the accomplishment of a process of management of requirements effected well and that it comes to guarantee the delivery of a product that takes care of to the necessities of the customer. For such, a revision of available literature on the subject Rastreabilidade de Requisitos and the application of the Matrix was carried through of Rastreabilidade in the projects of software development. The gotten results had allowed to identify to its strong and weak points and the reasons that take the organizations not to use this instrument. It also presents best practical in the construction of the matrices and the tools that automatize this process, serving as line of direction for the choice of the model to be adopted for implantation in the company whom it aims at to reach the improvement in the quality of developed software. Word-key: Matrix of Rastreabilidade de Requisitos; Requirements; Engineering of Software; Engineering of Requirements, Management of Requirements; Quality of Software. ABSTRACT The Requirements Management is process designed you assist software engineers in identifying, tracking and tracing of software requirements.