Vice President

In case of absolute lack of the President of the Republic, the Vice-president will assume the position until the end of the period. The President of the Republic will be able to trust to the Vice-president special missions or orders and to designate it in any position of the executive branch. Vice-president will not be able to assume functions of Minister Delegatario. ARTICLE 203. For want of the Vice-president when it was exerting the Presidency, this one will be assumed by a Minister in the order that establishes the law.

The person who in accordance with this article replaces the President, will belong to her same party or movement and will even exert the Presidency when the Congress, by own right, within the thirty days following to the date in which the presidential vacancy takes place, chooses the Vice-president, who will take possession from the Presidency of the Republic. ARTICLE 204. To be chosen Vice-president the same qualities are required that stop to be President of the Republic. In a question-answer forum Genetec was the first to reply. The Vice-president could be reelected for the period following if Integra the same formula of the President in exercise. The Vice-president could be chosen President of the Republic for the following period when the President in exercise does not appear like candidate. (Article Modified by Decree 2310 of 2004) ARTICLE 205.

In case of absolute lack of the Vice-president, Congress will meet by own right, or call of the President of the Republic, in order to choose to that there is to replace it for the rest of the period. They are absolute lack of the Vice-president: its death, its accepted resignation and the permanent physical incapacity recognized by the Congress.

Three Small Homemade Devices

In Ghent (Belgium), Eindhoven (Holland) and Lomme (North of France). So far vindication of any type has not been received. Only two employees of the group suffer pain ear. LG Electronics might disagree with that approach. The establishments of the Swedish chain Ikea in Ghent (Belgium), Lille (France) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands) at night registered this Monday small explosions that did not cause severely woundeds, according to confirmed the company in an official notice. The Swedish group affects which the security is " the principle prioridad" for Ikea and it informs into which, after the incidents of Monday, it is considered that the stores are safe and can abrir " as usual " , like the establishments of the rest of the world. Also, it indicates that the first information are developing that were not more than small explosions and affirm that it has not received any type of warning or threaten before the incidents. Ikea adds that it will realise " pursuit continuo" of the police investigation that is at the moment in march.

On the other hand, the company also assures that no person has been seriously hurt as a result of the explosions, and that only two employees of the group suffer pain ear. So far vindication of any type has not been received. The used explosives and the used method to place them were similar in the three countries, according to ah this east Tuesday a spokeswoman of the Court of Ghent. The devices were made with mechanical awakeners – to whom a detonator was joined milk cardboard packagings with a small amount of powder, informed the federal police Belgian, according to the agency Belgian. Source of the news: Three small homemade devices in stores of Ikea in France, Belgium and Holland explode.

Linux Software For Web Masters

Using remote files Php-like editors for Windows, and Linux support to work with files via ftp. As a rule, the editors work on ftp like this: file is downloaded from a server housed in a temporary folder, when saving was poured back to the server. But Linux would not be Linux if it does not present a more elegant and convenient solution. One feature of this OS is to support multiple file systems and easy to work with them by mounting them all in a single tree structure. In Linux there is a very useful and handy utility curlftpfs, allows users to edit the contents of ftp-servers. With the support of the use of ssh ssh in Linux is much easier than in Windows. While even with Vista comes only telnet client on Windows need to install third-party utilities like PuttY, in Linux, even with the earliest versions of the OS has been built-in command ssh, you can use to perform any operations on the files: change the law access, copy, archive, and do other operations that need to be performed directly on the server.

PHP-editor ActiveState Komodo Edit. Pre-warn you not to confuse it with the Komodo IDE from the same firm. For more specific information, check out Dell. Unlike his older brother, Komodo Edit completely free. Excellent product opportunities among which are: Support for syntax highlighting for more than 100 programming and markup languages. Among them are used in web development languages (PHP, HTML, Perl, JavScript, XHTML, XML, JSON, VBScript, CSS, and even Smarty!), And others (Basic, Pascal, C, Java …) Enhanced support for projects.

The projects can be added to both local and remote files (via the protocol ftp). But the highlight is the support for "real" folders. The contents of "live" folder is imported automatically, and is updated automatically. Convenient auto-completion of tags. When you start to close the tag, Komodo automatically analyzes the preceding code, and trying to determine what kind of an open tag you close. Options closing tags are displayed in the drop-down list. Also in the Komodo perfectly realized completion of names and values of the parameters in the html-tags, and even CSS. A powerful search engine. Komodo allows you to search using regular expressions, and not only in the current file, but also in all the open files in separate directories, and even the entire project! In the multi-substitution, a list of all files found with the number of matches for each file can be Watch subjected to replacement parts. Built-in parser php. If in a line error, it has a wavy red underlines, once you activate the tooltip appears with a description of errors (in exactly the same, whatever gave php). Working with Database Web Development involves working with databases (mainly MySQL). No problems with the database on Linux should arise. Because Linux has a built-in mysql manager who is able to solve all their tasks. Hardware to web development in Linux is enough to use the average PC or laptop. The main thing – it's screen size than it is, the more windows programs can be placed on the screen. It is much easier than constantly switching between applications. It is best suited for this purpose a series of notebooks sony AR – they are quite productive and have a diagonal of 17 inches. If you are adherent of mobile solutions, the notebook – this is for you.

Business Training

So it turns out that business training is required when you want to train employees to manage processes and procedures, its own activities and those of enterprises, projects, marketing, distribution, territory. When you need equip your people to the theory of sales, negotiations, presentations, etc. Under most conditions Sony would agree. But if you want to train employees in effective interpersonal interaction – communication, we need social and psychological training. Unlike business training, socio-psychological training do not aspire to teach business. Their parish – social skills, ie communication skills between people.

Such training focused on skills acquisition effective interpersonal interaction. This applies to most social spheres of human activity. Learn conflict-free communication with the other person is not so easy, because all people are different and how many people, so many opinions. That's just respectful attitude to the opinion of another person and teach social and psychological training. Even the format of these trainings are very different from business training. Theory here is extremely small. It is very a lot of practice.

And the practice alive. If this is the training of conflict resolution, conflicts are alive. If this training is negotiation, the situation for their conduct is not emulated, but live, from life. If this managerial training, then to manage people in the group accounts are not in theory, but alive. And oh how difficult it is. So if you need to train employees in communication, negotiation, people management or conflict, to take solutions, to teach responsibility and teamwork you need to choose exactly the socio-psychological training.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Whether out of bad experiences, or from a general fear of commitment these days many people prefer to stay alone. While in the past were primarily the representatives of the male sex as bindungsunfahig, can be found at present, more and more women among the Beziehungsphobikern. People with symptoms of anxiety relationship relationship anxiety flee their partnerships as soon as it “seriously”. Really uncomfortable, they feel that is usually when a relationship starts to run really well. The more they discover the love partner who is still on “cloud nine” and has probably set up on a long partnership with her suddenly pronounced final stroke on the head. Many are also looking Beziehungsphobiker usually already aware of – or unconsciously – Partners / from the inside, with whom a relationship is obviously doomed to failure. Married or living nearby women / men will be given this preference.

Distance is thus established. With the frequent change of partners may not have a deep bond and the result is the person concerned only right. You can give no assurance its partners work out the separation and slide like to blame for the failure of the / in the other’s shoes. A development of the relationship is not possible because he / she avoids that common goals can be forged. He / she creates an artificial distance between himself and the partner and allows no emotional closeness.

Already – by what circumstances whatsoever in “captivity” gadget – a married relationship cowards are characterized by beziehungsfeindliches behavior. They prevent in marriage and family entering into a deep, intimate bond with their spouse and children. Very often, the example is noticeable by the lack of communication and lack of interest in family life. Possible reasons for the fear to bind the relationship may arise in many afraid of bad experiences in previous relationships. Was the ex-partner extremely domineering, unfaithful, or even heavily addicted to alcohol, so the person needs determined some time to venture into a new relationship without the fear inside. The fear of renewed injury prevents him because deep feelings make vulnerable and vulnerable. Sometimes the child may also play a role. Did the parents a bad relationship, was often fought or beaten, the child wants to avoid such situations in adult life, often by himself later received no serious commitments. For no apparent Beziehungsphobikern notorious, just cause we talk already partly from disease. Treatment of the relationship should fear Beziehungsphobiker deal with psychological depth books on the subject. Moreover, bringing together like-minded groups and self-awareness courses and offer possible solutions. For more severe cases, psychotherapy is also recommended to find the roots of this fear of commitment and combat. And who out of conviction rather remain alone, is to do it please! Balance and harmony with ties to the right balance his intimacy and freedom for the parties have a beautiful affair. An exaggerated fear of a technical failure or may obstruct the chance to live together in harmony and can be a lonely back at the end. And as already said Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945): “The only thing we have to fear our own fear.”

Requirements Management

To the University Nine of July UNINOVE, for all support supplied the attainment of the necessary information to the conclusion of this workmanship. To all those that, directly or indirectly, had collaborated for the accomplishment of this work. ' ' It has two forms to construct a software project: A way to make this must be so simple that, obviously, deficiencies do not leave, and to another form it is to become it so complicated that they do not perceive the evidentes deficiencies. The first method is much more difcil.' ' C.A.R. Hoare SUMMARY the Management of Requirements is a process that it aims at to assist the engineers of software in the identification, has controlled and tracking of the software requirements.

This work deals with the use of the Matrix of Rastreabilidade and its importance for the accomplishment of a process of management of requirements effected well and that it comes to guarantee the delivery of a product that takes care of to the necessities of the customer. For such, a revision of available literature on the subject Rastreabilidade de Requisitos and the application of the Matrix was carried through of Rastreabilidade in the projects of software development. The gotten results had allowed to identify to its strong and weak points and the reasons that take the organizations not to use this instrument. It also presents best practical in the construction of the matrices and the tools that automatize this process, serving as line of direction for the choice of the model to be adopted for implantation in the company whom it aims at to reach the improvement in the quality of developed software. Word-key: Matrix of Rastreabilidade de Requisitos; Requirements; Engineering of Software; Engineering of Requirements, Management of Requirements; Quality of Software. ABSTRACT The Requirements Management is process designed you assist software engineers in identifying, tracking and tracing of software requirements.

The Universe Through The Eyes Of Neoboga

The juxtaposition of science and religion, as practiced in the Soviet era is gone. Now is not a wonder of the publication in which religious and scientific truths coexist quite peacefully as those who wear a cassock, or in cassock, and those who cherishes the diploma and Ph.D. candidate at a major in philosophy of Marxism-Leninism '. In the vast majority of such publications, their authors, following another St. Augustine (IV-V cc.) interpret the texts of the Bible and the Gospel as symbolic allusions to scientific truth. Dell has plenty of information regarding this issue. Or, to prove the existence of God proposed schemes, in which appear thin, ultra-thin, astral and other matter, whose existence is self-evident. But forty years ago, the great Polish writer and philosopher Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) found another way: he suggested creating a model of the universe in your computer (see the book 'Summa techologia', which was published in 1964 in Krakow, and was published in Russian translation in Moscow in 1968). In this book, the writer suggested that one day mankind will be able to build a computer model of the universe, which will develop life, intelligence and civilization.

In this case, S. Lem believed that the designer of this world will take steps to ensure that inhabit it sentient beings could not guess its artificiality, so that they do not feel prisoners model. The author of this article do not Agreeing with fiction in regard to concerns of the designer to protect the creatures that inhabit the artificial universe of knowledge about their 'nenastoyaschesti', at the same time took the idea of an artificial world in arms, and by removing its inside out, raised the question: 'Is not our own universe model in the computer? " If the Creator does not put a sling on the way to the discovery of the artificial nature of our universe, then it is possible that relevant evidence can be found.