Process Design

In the short term, it represents savings in the cost of repairs, repetitive tests and downtime. The long-term benefit is much more difficult to measure since it relates to customer satisfaction with the product and its perceived quality, and this perception affects future purchases of products and is critical to creating a good image of the same . In addition, the FMEA supports and enhances the design process and that: Helps in the selection of alternatives during the design increases the likelihood of potential failure modes and their effects on system operation to be considered during the design provides some additional information to assist in planning test programs thorough and efficient Develop a list of potential failure modes, classified according to their likely effect on the client provides an open documented format to recommend actions to reduce the risk to keep track of them detects faults where they are necessary features of self-correction or slight protection Identify the known failure modes and potential might otherwise go unnoticed detects primary flaws, but often small, that can cause some secondary faults provides a fresh point of view in understanding the functions of a system FMEA Applications? Process – analysis of manufacturing processes and assembly? Design – analysis of products before they are launched for production? Concept – analysis of systems or subsystems in the early stages of conceptual design? Equipment – design review of machinery and equipment prior to purchase? Service – analysis of service processes before they impact the client particular, consider this analysis as regards, the Analysis of Failure Mode and Effects (FMEA) is a methodology of a team addressed systematically identifying potential failure modes in a system, product or operation of manufacturing / assembly caused by deficiencies in the processes of design or manufacturing / assembly. It also identifies design features or process significant critical or require special controls to prevent or detect failure modes. FMEA is a tool used to prevent problems before they occur.

The FMEA formats Process Design and provides the main tool to mitigate risk within the prevention strategy. Each potential cause should be considered for its effect on the product or process according to risk and actions must be identified and recalculated risk after the action has been completed. It is said that the need for managers to minimize the risk of a design or process has forced them to develop a whole new science, reliability. Since it is a discipline with a high mathematical content, it is difficult to use for the uninitiated. To alleviate this problem arises FMEA. You could say that allows the FMEA contributions to the reliability and safety of a design or process to everyone, not only to specialists. Of course, this need to constantly increase the reliability and safety of our products comes from the demands of customers.

* Source: failure analysis. Horacio Helman and Paulo Pereira. School of Engineering of UFMG. Brasil 1995. FMEA Manual Ford Motor Company. 1991

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Fifi Abdo

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