Digital Or Offset Printing ?

You have your new brochure, an invitation or stationery created on your PC and now face the question: Which printing method do I use for this print job? There are in practice two printing methods available, the digital printing or offset printing. What printing is now appropriate for my order? Primary is the print run, the decisive criterion. In digital, there is only minimal work, but a relatively high unit price. Quite different in offset printing. This plate must be produced and the press must be set. In practice, save up about 500 – 1000 copies in digital printing, increase the number of units, the offset is always cheaper. Are you under time pressure, the digital one is preferable to.

This is usually delivered within 24 hours, the offset is the delivery, normal 1 week, in special cases, from 3 weeks. If you require special paper, cardboard, NCR or other special papers, leaves of digital printing. This is usually only standard paper between 70-200 g, printed in offset printing can paper, specialty paper and board from 55 – 300g, are printed in special cases up to 550g. Even the format – normal to A3, 42 x 29.7 cm are the digital limits. Once again, the offset from the normal to B 1 = 70 cm x 100 cm, or in special cases up to 4-fold sheet size (200 280) on its strengths. Furthermore, can be used in digital printing a spot color, because the digital presses only print 4 colors Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black paint and surface finishing such as, partial paint and so on.

is on the digital printing not possible. Unlike offset printing, here, any color, Pantone, Metallic …. be printed, if necessary, even five or more colors printed. Another advantage of offset printing is the high picture quality. It can be concluded that digital only interesting for runs under 1000 and deadline pressure, otherwise the offset provides better and cheaper results. The most important thing at the end: No matter what Printing method you choose, the quality of the printing preparation determines the print quality!

Artificial Intelligence

War is a serious game where one commits his reputation, his troops and his homeland. Napoleon Bonaparte It is incredible that human inventiveness is dynamic, to the extent that fiction becomes real when it is proposed. In this case creativity has resulted in the creation of robots ready to take action against a war, That on the one hand so no guarantee of human mortality, mortality that is and will always questioned, because it represents the fighting to end the lives of people who seem simply to be born to die on a battlefield, many times beyond their interests. Review what is known as eliax. com / index. php? a on this reality that some data can not be ignoradoscomo-alone in Iraq, the U.S.

is actively using robots 5.300 air, land and 12,000 robots, which in my opinion is one figure that few imagined insurance. – According to a senior U.S. military representative, the goal is tens of thousands of robots in the battlefield simultaneously. – There are already military robotics programs in 44 countries. – By 2015, over 50% of actors in a war the U.S.

will be robots. – Currently there are at least 4 projects the U.S. Pentagon looking to build fully autonomous robots with Artificial Intelligence for military work. – It is now possible for a citizen with technical knowledge to build a flying robot for less than $ 1,000, which should put us to think that this technology represents the hands of terrorists.

August Market

Prepaid cards, prepaid cell phone that is SIM-cards with a credit at the Abtelefonieren provided a growth spurt in the mobile market. In Germany there are prepaid services since 1997. Got a real boost to the market then the first prepaid Disounter in 2005. Worldwide, the proportion of prepaid customers in nearly 62% – equivalent to over 1.7 billion mobile customers. For this year, market researchers expect that its share of prepaid cards in the new contracts in the mobile market with around 74 percent. The firm notes that the traditional breakdown of postpaid and prepaid customers will no longer rises – even within the prepaid market is target differ by age, behavior and needs.

Especially in the prepaid sector, various groups with specially designed services are hooked. In the highly competitive mobile market in Germany, the Dutch provider KPN with a multi-brand strategy has been successful. With brands such as base or simyo next to the main brand E-Plus offers mobile target groups were created. Get further feed the prepaid tariffs by more and more attractive offers. Sun customers from Tchibo mobil 24 months can make free calls to other Tchibo customers when the 27th July to 9th August change. The number of Tchibo Mobile customer is currently 837 000.

Sweeten up the entry by a more favorable SIM card during the promotional period. It costs only 5 instead of 9,95 . Other providers such as Simyo or have special offers in the wings. As of August 1, customers can these providers three months to send short messages long for a cent in the E-Plus network. But if you want to use this service must pay a one-time Register Fee of ten euros. According to the industry connect service is worth the price for customers who send per day on average at least two SMS. Another low-price has smobil, the mobile brand of the discounter Schlecker in the offer. Here you can smobil phone customers for one cent per minute with each other. The offer is valid only one month after each charge. Then five Cents per minute due. To select the right offer for all the bargains to offer the comparison to the Internet. Here are the special comparison portals such as prepaid, specializing on the comparison of providers. Customers can compare this is, possibly with the right offer to save a few euros per month.

Study, Learn, Apply, And Undertake

As I said, GDI is my first internet business but I will not stay there. Whereas I’m learning and trying to automate the greater to GDI, I’m realizing other business opportunities being presented to me, yet I follow studying and reviewing I do not like thrill with more than two at a time because I think they would not attend due neither one nor the other and ultimately probably fail. Also my dad telling me I have every business opportunity that is presented so that I studied it and say if we agree or not, but the truth we are still very novice and we want to accelerate, the works in sales, so you can imagine as is active, always wants to try new things and I think that I inherited from him) In fact, my goal is to create my own product in relation to my studies (I am an engineer in digital graphic design), but I’m not sure what will be, there are many things besides my career I am passionate about, such as scratch crafts, beauty, driving events, programs, etc.. There are many things and I want my product is something that I love, well, it MUST be to achieve my success. You know, I’m new at this to make the Internet as a business tool, previously only used it for ‘wasting time’ chatting, social networking and see no purpose videos, was all, now I see it as something much more than that and I’m trying to get the most out but I can not deny that I still have many questions, including: deciding whether a product or service will, in the niche market that will focus, among many other things. For now, the GDI business has made me learn a lot for giving me the facilities to play with some tools that could have ever imagined. Maybe you will find at this point decide to start your own internet business, if so, my recommendation is that you start because you’ll never know what it is until you try it yourself. SI, study and learn every day all you can, but you can combine it with practice, when I was in University heard many times “here just give them the foundation, outside is where you actually learn” and this is also here, if you never try, if not experience, if not wrong, if you fall for getting up, if not obstacles you face, you never know what to do, and you’ll be seeing the success of many others whether to take the initiative to improve their quality of life. Link to the article: – Mr. N. Lorena Beltran Director of “Discover How to Start Your Own Business on the Internet in his spare time and money actually U.S. $ 21,699 Monthly Within 20 Months.” What did you think the publication? do not forget comment.