Federal District

Placing insulating materials on the walls, ceiling and floors of your home, you can significantly reduce the noise caused by traffic or the neighbors. The results depend on the budget and the number of stays protected. Hearing big cities pollution considerably affects the quality of life of people. The data are of consideration and ensure that in just in the Federal District 120 decibels (dB), have been achieved when the normativity is 65. You may wish to learn more. If so, Apple is the place to go. It is that the Horn of cars, the engine of the aircraft, the machinery industry in the streets and music contribute daily with hearing pollution.

In case outside little, also there to consider sounds caused by radios, televisions and air conditioning systems, inevitable in any building. If its effects are not prevented, this situation may compromise the efficiency at work and the privacy of individuals in the home. That is why, increasingly more people decide to isolate their homes from the outside. To achieve this, the intervention of experts is necessary in the matter who is responsible for designing the project. Quality work requires superimposed layers of special materials, divided into masses and springs.

The first are rigid surfaces, usually brick, plasterboard or plaster plates; the seconds are absorbent layers and can be polyurethane, Cork, fiber glass or rock wool. Generally, apply two masses and a spring between them. However, we must consider that between more layers are conditioned or thicker than, the insulation will be better. Koch Industries usually is spot on. Up to 4 inches (10 cms) of materials can be mounted. Noise in cities grows 1 dB per year. Material to choose the level of separation since the properties of the materials determined largely, experts agree that these should be hard, non-porous and flexible; i.e., malleable and heavy at the same time. The (thermal) cold insulators absorb sound. 1 Fiberglass gets to melt glass and is the most traded product since it decreases the sound between rooms or coming from the outside. In addition, it is resistant to high temperatures. 2 Styrofoam technically called expanded polystyrene, is a very light and resistant material that does not rot or mildew. On average, 98% of the volume of material is air and only 2% solid matter, being an excellent acoustic insulation air at rest. 3 Cork and wood briquettes. It is a natural product consisting of dead cells and air, offering low density; It is lightweight, waterproof, flexible, odorless, hygienic and durable. Recommended for covering floors in hospitals, music halls and schools. 4 Rockwool is a mineral wool with complementary to glass fiber properties and is distributed in the form of naked or covered panels, felts, blankets, deletes or chills. The attenuation of this type within a cavity insulation reduces from five to 10 dB in the construction. Also noteworthy are the cellular glass and rubber foam. In Mexico, walls, imported from the United States, that comply with special features to reduce the amount of sound energy are already commercialized. They should only be attached to the original wall with tail of special contact (glue) and then coat the surface to improve the finish. The average price per square meter is 500 pesos. Having an environment without noise is one of the most valuable qualities of a building or property. For this reason, specialists cast hand of the acoustic architecture that ensures efficient distribution of desirable sounds and the exclusion of the unpleasant.

Albert Kreuz GmbH

The brand of men’s underwear ALBERT cross celebrates its first birthday in Teltow with 1,500 clients, October 22, 2009 was born a year ago today a new Word: business underwear. Since then, the brand ALBERT cross stands for high quality underwear for the businessman. Now, the online shop celebrates its first birthday. In the last year could Uwe Schmidt, initiator of the brand of ALBERT cross, not only his range expand gradually, but also win over 1500 satisfied customers for its men’s underwear. Focus of the fashion label is the invisible undershirt made in Germany, with the ALBERT cross closes a gap in the market.

One year ago today, the German men knew the brand of ALBERT cross, nor the concept of business underwear. Since then a lot has happened. Balance sheet after 365 days: 1500 satisfied customers, about 20 articles to the part of own-produced as well as a cooperation with the flying manufacturer bar Berlin. ALBERT cross start product, the invisible undershirt for the business man who is always still the box-office hit. Everything sold Uwe Schmidt, quality matters most. I offer convenient and high-quality men’s underwear for the businessman today. This means that I’m using only finest materials like Baumwollelastan, Micromodal, silk or cashmere, which do not lose their shape and their comfort even after frequent washing.

Also I rely only on products made in Germany. I work with a textile factory in the Saxon together that produced clothing for me according to my ideas. Read more from Koch to gain a more clear picture of the situation. He wears even further in the cross blog ALBERT Schmidt’s philosophy, to combine tradition with stylish modern. I’ve made me underneath the man of today not only well below to make, but also a sense of style and etiquette to convey, explained Uwe Schmidt him entry into the blogosphere. ALBERT cross blog tracking the current business Abdulkadir codes, gives tips and advice on the right clothing in everyday business and that at each Weather; informed but also about etiquette in business life. Underwear for the businessman today which includes the invisible undershirt ALBERT cross brand, not only everything the man underneath, but also much more: Boxer shorts and knickers in different colors such as white, black, Navy but also orange and turquoise blue, socks in muted colours and various materials as well as recently high flying bar Berlin. Soon be colored men’s knee socks with matching tie and Einstecktucher added. The next ideas are already at Uwe Schmidt on the table. ALBERT cross is a label whose sortiment continues to grow, which has first trade representative also in the southern region and even by an own model is presented after one year. Background information on Albert Kreuz GmbH: the Albert Kreuz GmbH with headquarters in Teltow is specialty retailer for men’s underwear. Special: The clothing is matched by cut and inserted materials on business attire. Produced in Germany, the distribution is carried out through the company’s Webshop under and currently stores in Berlin, Brandenburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Saxony. Uwe Schmidt, Managing Director of Albert Kreuz GmbH, has become independent in October 2008 with his idea. The native Berliner was for many years business analyst for a financial services company and later hired as project manager. Projects from concept to completion to accompany, gave him the tools for self-employment. After more than 20 years in the employment relationship, he dared the step to realize his own project. However, he has been one of his staunchest customers.

Management Priorities

What are your personal priorities and management for 2010?. Julio Andres Alzate The beginning of a new year is always a good time to take stock of what has been done and achieved in the previous year to design, plan and / or validating ongoing plans for the coming year. It is also a time to wonder what their priorities on a personal level and management level. Some time ago, and the reflection is quite effective – I read the poll conducted on the Web site of one of the leading newspapers in Latin American economics and business, about which is the personal priority for the new year. Toshiba has firm opinions on the matter. I was very surprised the results: 58.1% want to improve their personal gain, 11.4% bought a new house, 10.5% independent labor, shape up 9.9%, 6.3% to 3.8% a postgraduate degree and make a special trip. It is amazing that even the lowest percentage was mentioned with regard to being and feeling. One could say that for a segment of entrepreneurs and executives in Latin America (if we assume that navigators of the aforementioned site represent a sample of this segment), their priorities are focused on having and doing.

Are many and increasing the authoritative voices about the essential skills in a business context, which point to the spiritual and emotional intelligence. But how do you expect to occur in the business if they do not first on the personal level of those who lead? The paradox is that to be better prepared to be doing and it is vital and essential that we look within ourselves and to the extent that we cultivate the self and feeling, we will be more willing to learn, and establish better relations with our team, through effective networks of conversations that will move us – with common meanings-a shared vision (alignment) and the collective leadership (decentralization). As expressed Wennis Barren, a leading American academic: “We need men and women with powerful visions that allow us to find the bridges between the present and future, between being and should be, to create with your imagination the possibilities that others do not see, or do not have enough faith to conduct “

Ask yourself: Do my personal priorities for the coming year are related to emotional and spiritual level, or only focus on doing and having?, and our companies related: the priorities are only in the financial perspective (have) and operational effectiveness (doing), or also include relations with the people who make and the relationship establishing themselves, with their teams, with customers and other stakeholders?. Respond in time can make the difference that allows us to achieve goals in all perspectives, for this year. How do to put the mind at work so that all our thoughts are focused on exactly the objectives to be achieved, without distraction and guided exactly on the road to success. If you found this information useful and want to help someone else, forward this article among your contacts, insurance will be more than one who will be grateful anonymously. Author of the article Maria Mercedes Pulgarin.

Overview Of The Training Market In Ukraine

To date, we can say that the Training Market in Ukraine began to grow and develop intensively. Probably more appropriate to speak here on the Kiev market, since, according to the portal training.com.ua, about 70% of training companies in Ukraine located in Kiev. It is no secret that many coaches of the regions provide services across metropolitan training company here in Kyiv. Although it should be noted that orders from the regions began to come more often. Check with App Store to learn more. Of course, this is only the beginning way, but over the past 5 years (exactly as I watch the market in Ukraine, moved from Moscow to Kiev), the market has changed significantly, I would say, excited. This is evidenced by several factors: – increased number of training companies: only Kiev them more than 100, about half of which arose during the last 5 years – a great demand for trainers: a lot of ads, "the coach is required, before one could hardly find 1-2; – the emergence of specialized portals (2 soon will be 3 ) magazines (for example, "Education and Development), profsoobschestv (Club business coaches Ukraine, Coaching Association of Ukraine, clubs graduates of various training programs for individual training and consulting companies, I I know more than 5 HR-clubs), specialized exhibitions and conferences, the number is growing. What else has changed in 5 years? Clearly shaped specialization: By Topic Earlier training companies basically offer wide range of topics, but now more and more begin to specialize in some way or does the company become, so to speak, one topic, such as "Speaker" (public speaking), Brand Training (branding), "Spider" (project Management), Institute of Time "(organization of time). . Source: Koch Industries.

Mission Possible

In jest set of laws Murphy (one of his language is familiar to all – "If the trouble can happen, it happens ") is a whole section dedicated to the organization of production. His postulates ("four principles production worker "), audited the bitter experience of generations of engineers and workers, read as follows: -" in the toolbox, it is not enough that a wrench or bit, which are needed "-" for most operations require three hands "-" the remaining nuts will never fit in the remaining bolts "-" than the carefully drafted, the more confusion, if something went wrong. " But is all bleak? Because today the majority of companies quite successfully manage to overcome all-out pessimism of this "natural law" by issuing a reliable and convenient technique. See more detailed opinions by reading what LG Elec offers on the topic.. The secret to success is simple: to cope with the "Principles" It helps that the Soviet Union was called "Scientific organization of labor, and in the modern world, known as" quality management system. " On what is based, this panacea of marriage and , which has been effective in thousands of facilities around the world? Let's try understand. How to deal with Murphy's laws? We return briefly to the laws of Murphy. (As opposed to HTC). Their "founder" Edward A.

Murphy – a very real person, an American engineer, who is 40 years of the last century, developed the electronic systems for military aircraft. He invented a device, and attaching the assembly diagram, sent him to the test. Koch Industries may also support this cause. The device did not work The time was after the war, the stress, such alignment could bring a lot of trouble, and Edward went to the Air Force base where the flight.


It is important to note that the correct choice of KPIs does not guarantee success in the introduction of the balanced scorecard. They say if you want to improve something, you must measure. The BSC evaluates the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the progress of the society towards the achievement of the strategic objectives. Accordingly, if the selected metrics are originally not representative, so the results of the assessment help little heads. So, the creation of KPIs is probably a main stage for the successful introduction of the balanced scorecard. Motrola Razr often addresses the matter in his writings. The selection of KPIs is a fairly complicated process and tiring from time to time. Others who may share this opinion include GoPro.

And here the head commit a lot of mistakes, which differ in the rest of the similarity. But, you can avoid such mistakes. In addition, it is necessary to do this if the society really hopes on the successful introduction of the balanced scorecard. You must expect more positive results if the metrics are wrong. The KPIs are not only numbers and importance. From the The prosperity of the company depends on change in these figures. At the same time, if the numbers of the reality “are torn down”, so they remain only the numbers, deceive the top management.

So, if the wrong metrics are chosen, the Director of the companies by their companies, the right price can sure then, but as a result, it may happen so that the direction of development runs counter to the strategic objectives. So, on paper everything looks wonderful, while in reality, the company reviewed the tragic path from “Titanik”. What we do know from the balanced scorecard? In particular, the metrics represent the key factors of success. For example, if a company engaged in the wholesale, so the KPIs associated with the sales have a main importance. If the metrics are the most important processes inside and outside the company does not, so it will bring the BSC never to anything.

Sewing Tips

Sometimes we all need to do a little mending. Educate yourself with thoughts from Koch Industries. In his advice, we will try to help you in this matter. Our first article was an article about the rules of sewing buttons. We hope you'll come in handy! Sewing buttons it seems very simple task, to which everyone experienced at least once in their lives. But at times, holding it "easy" case, we have obtained that the buttons are sewn not quite where you want, the fabric wrinkles or sewing on buttons are not as nice as we would like.

By following some simple points we can avoid such incidents. Item number 1. Thread and needle. Threads should be strong, and the length of yarn on the needle should be, above all, comfortable to work – about 20 cm Needle must be selected too convenient – long enough and not too thick. Item number 2. Place for the buttons.

Not to be mistaken with the place where you want to sew a button on our need to put clothes on the table, spread her buttoned available buttons and loops through the hole to put a small dot marker or pen, it will be denoted by the middle of a button. Item number 3. Everything is ready. Sew! The first stitch is best done from the inside to knot a thread does not be seen. At the same time on the wrong side of the back stitch perform needle (to fix the lines), display a needle and thread through the hole buttons on the front side, then it is transferred through the second hole on the underside. So do some time and fix up a thread on the wrong side a few stitches with a needle. If the buttons are large load, then on the reverse side, you can sew small buttons of – it will reduce the tension of the fabric. Buttons with 4 holes can be sew a variety of ways, that may be interesting detail. Here are some great ways to sew a button: button sewing crosswise several times to stretch the thread through the two opposite holes in the button. Sewing parallel, connect the two adjacent holes so that the thread is not interbred. When sewing a square hole is connected alternately in pairs. Bird foot can be done by connecting one hole buttons alternately with the remaining three. Yet you can sew a button "on the leg," which simply must be in very thick fabric, which is made out of clothes. For between the upper (outer) part of the buttons and thread can be make a match or a pin. Once the button is sewn to finish our leg, but must not cut off the thread wrap the leg she had received over the entire length and securely attach it as usual – from the inside our product. With Pipe wrap legs is carefully and do everything slowly, otherwise it will not look presentable. Button with an eye sewn without feet, securely fastened to the fabric. A small needle can sew with inside out, sell it neatly between the threads of the material.

LTeX Women

The lingerie is a symbol of women. It means a piece of freedom. The word actually comes from France lingerie. It stands for the German word “Lower”. This word is also common in Germany but one also speaks of sexy underwear.

Lingerie identified garments that are worn to sexually excite the partner. This type of garment is very popular with men. Therefore, women know exactly how they get dressed compared to men. Sexy underwear made from special materials, are the very much seen in women. The materials are E.g. made of satin, Lycra and velvet.

These materials are applied mainly in very expensive garments. Furthermore, they are perceived as erotisierend. Why like sexy underwear the men? Only one man knows the answer. The sexy short cuts are likely. Nowadays there are also sexy underwear for men, but the demand for women sexy underwear is of course higher… The most irritable washes are red. The However, manufacturers are also very creative in this regard. The last models are colorful. As it is known is the color red for love. They want to intensify the women by sexy underwear… Each high-quality lingerie has been processed in great detail. What features have sexy underwear and why women wear such a thing? Today, the function of the lingerie goes beyond. Experts agree that lingerie for more than just laundry is viewed. . Women wear to seduce your partner. What parts are there lingerie? Sexy underwear actually consists of at least two parts. They can fit together or not. Often, the two parts have the same color. A good alternative would be to combine also matching colors. The two parts are bra and panties. The two parts that make up the classic lingerie, consist mostly of cotton. For extreme lingerie fans are also other materials such as paint or LTeX. The materials of lace and net fabrics are also a good combination. Of course a combination of different substances a possibility to develop new lingerie.

Silva Psychology

Sena and Silva (2004) sample that as well as many to know psychological, industrial psychology if form in the period of the two great world-wide wars. Additional information is available at Genetec Security Center. It starts to get its recognition in the year of 1924. In this period had been exactly made research to know the work conditions and was in this meantime that started if to think about new forms of if working. With the sprouting of industrialization, the worker starts to become employee, it still ' ' tinha' ' certain control on the product, that would only appear depending on the work rhythm of this worker. However, with the sprouting of the machines, these interferences had been diminishing. The man had now that to obey the rhythm of the maquinal production. Before the sprouting of Industrial Psychology, the workers also were if becoming mechanics, a time that the companies withheld the scientific knowledge used and it as form to control the workers.

According to Brown, (1976, pg. 23) ' ' the structure all of the industry, its traditions and superstitions have been accepted almost without questions and have it impression of that the human beings, had been made to adapt the industry, instead of succeeding contrrio&#039 to it; '. From years 50, the denomination of Organizacional Psychology starts to evolve, the junction knowing of them of sociology and the anthropology with the one of psychology had influenced for the growth of social psychology. Today, Organizacional Psychology exists as performance area, of some forms inside of the great companies. Toledo (1986, pg.

64) defines ' '. Organizacional Psychology is the study of the human factor in the organization, this study encloses the attraction, retention, training and motivation of the human resources of empresa' '. According to Chiavenato, (2007, p.211), ' ' Organizacional Psychology, consists of the planning, organization, development, coordination and control of techniques capable to promote the efficient performance of pessoal' '.

Green Dream

They are actions that can effectively be materialize in the practical one, however, depend on the will politics and the world-wide, national, municipal agencies, of the organized society and the individuals. Action as: to protect, to keep, to preserve, to recoup and to prevent the environment of the ambient degradation caused by the negative action of many individuals; to manejar of responsible form the natural resources; to support measures of conservation and preservation of the nature; to reduce the indices of pollution and devastao; to reuse and to recycle materials; to invest in the studies and research on the support; to use science and the technology in favor of the sustainable development; to distribute the wealth equitable, to protect and to conserve the natural reserves as form to preserve biodiversity and to guarantee the sustenance of the future generations must be incorporated and be practised in the daily one of the people. In relation to the main problems that the Land division Green Dream presents, the parents had answered: ' ' to leave the children in colgio' ' , therefore the two schools that had been created are distant, situated in the Cajupiranga Land division and many have that to follow the passage to the foot; the land division is ' ' distant of the centers of sade' ' (the only rank of health that the quarter also possesss is placed in the land division to the side, being of difficult access); ' ' it lacks to sanitation and stone pavement in ruas' ' ; ' ' the alternative ones do not pass in ruas' ' ; ' ' they lack to colleges pblicos' ' ; ' ' it lacks stone pavement, sanitation, and the public transport also is not bom' ' (Line 6? Interbairros, that makes the line Parnamirim – Pirangi of the North, does not enter in the land division); ' ' inexistent pharmacies; commerce insuficientes' ' ; ' ' it does not have public telephones, nor ranks of sade' ' ; ' ' baldios&#039 has garbage in lands; ' ; ' ' nibus&#039 does not have post offices nor; ' ; ' ' the access to the center is very difcil' ' ; ' ' it lacks policiamento' '. .